Saturday, October 23, 2010

as when he was and didn't know he was a child

A bit of an early morning paddle. Sullivans Cove, June 2010.

Finishing up all of my old stock footage here. The Shed in the background there now has a whizz bang new roof!

One must be brief today, as in a mere few hours, we shall be celebrating my darling Henry's FOURTH birthday. Oh Henry, how we love thee!


Walking along the corridors of imagination,
free and alone forever, as when he was
and didn't know he was a child,
until forgetting that I'm imagining.
That this heavy flesh, that urinates and sweats,
be resumed in one or two ideas
or comes right back, to that almost nothing
that sees almost nothing in its cloudy sky.
Send me back to the chimpanzee or make me only literature,
but do not retain in me the condition of man.
What weighs everything within me
in the outside has no weight.


Carola said...

Happy Birthday Henry! Great four year old boy. I wish you a wonderful party with big fun.
There is a congratulation on my blog.

Kris said...

He'll always be my little baby!