Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Action indeed is the sole medium of expression for ethics.

Clifton Beach is one of my favourite Tasmanian beaches. Sure, it can get rough and tumble out there, but that’s the fun of the beach!

The beach itself faces south-southeast into Storm Bay and is exposed to all southerly swell. Waves average around the 1.5-metre mark, but complicating matters is a continuous bar which is cut by rips every 200 metres during and following high waves. Even better, there are permanent rips against the rocks at each end. All of this means that many consider Clifton Beach as the most dangerous beach in Tasmania.

Henry here is not so sure.

He wagers that there are not enough Great Whites for that title.


Steffe said...

I really like the beach panorama. Sure is a more dramatic place compared to my favorite beach.

Roddy said...

My favourite was always the backbeach at Williamstown. Next to no sand, and when you swam out over the reef you could swim with the sharks that bred there. And the abundance of fish that bred in the area was always fantastic.

Kris said...

Steffe, it'll be time to hit the beaches around these parts soon!

Roddy, never!