Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ads that I like: # 123

The beer is nourishing.

This one is drinking.

This one does not drink.

Have you got that ladies? If you hit the grog while breastfeeding, you'll have a contented and thriving baby, an abundance of milk, a plump and bonny baby, a fulsome bust and a healthy head of hair.

However, if you choose to eschew a few flower vases of the amber liquid each day, you will surely develop a stoop, your breasts will sag, your hair will become lank and greasy, and you shall be guaranteed to have a sickly, miserable little Konstantin Chernenko-doppelgänger wailing at your increasing grotesque tit all the time.

If this happens, you can be guaranteed that you will not be keeping your husband for much longer either!

You've been warned.


me said...

I don't know, that lady on the right looks like she's given up on life, and who doesn't want a brow-beaten alcoholic wife to keep the kitchen in order?

Sue said...

And the alcohol imbued mother's milk certainly keeps the young ones quieter (in their drunken stupor!!!)!

Kris said...


Sue, FASD!

Babzy said...

Incredible old add !! Poor kids !

Kris said...

Babzy, thirsty kids...