Monday, November 22, 2010

Affairs that depend on many rarely succeed.

Wasp or bee? You decide! Geilston Bay, November 2010.

Just like this bee (or is it a wasp?), I like lavender.

Other things I like?

  • Tulips.

  • Oliebollens.

  • The sound of waves.

  • Swimming in a rainstorm.

  • The colours generated by a low-hanging sun on a summer's evening.

  • The delicate caress of a beautiful woman while the grasshoppers chirrup away outside.

  • Winning.

What is it that you like?


me said...

* chocolate Yogo
* cats
* orangutans
* comfy shoes
* oranges
* rainforest plants
* my wife

That's about it.

Kris said...

I’m not so sure about orang-utans. All those cigars they smoke…

kylie said...

it's a bee!

Roddy said...

Definitely a bee.
Things I like, in order: Your mum. Your brother. You. Jennifer. Henry. Ezra. And most importantly ME!
Really, I like most things, until they disappoint me.

Carola said...

starry sky on the ocean
and: my husband and my two boys
and something more ...

Kris said...

Kylie, a local bee or a blow in?

Roddy, you like Ezra less than everyone else?

Carola, there are some good things on that list! I’m wearing shorts right now, and drawing plenty of odd looks. Apparently public servants are supposed to wear pants at work. It’s 30°C!

Roddy said...

Kris, only because Ezra came along last.
How would you like being the middle child of triplets?
Irrespective of order I love all my family equally. If you haven't figured that out by now then you have a problem.
What does Henry want for Christmas? Ezra is sorted.

Sue said...

Roddy....what about me????????????

Roddy said...

You're only a sister Sue. These others are family. Cruel aren't I?

Kris said...

Very very cruel.