Monday, December 27, 2010

Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative.

A moon over Davey Street. Hobart, December 2010.

The chimney belonged to the Hobart Gas Company, and was built in 1854 to establish a gasworks to lighten the city streets. This was the third gasworks in the southern hemisphere, but we all know that it really was the best.

A lot of bricks, piled real high... Hobart, December 2010.


Pam said...

One of my ancestors out from England built a lot of this sort of red brick construction in the 1850's in Perth and Freemantle. Just popping by to say how much I love that black and white photo on your December 25th post. Stunning.

Carola said...

Oh, I love this quote! Yes, it's so true.

Rob said...

And the built it with visual appeal!

I'm of the belief that if one believes in their government, they are hopelessly ignorant.

Kris said...

Pam, Ezra looks rather depressed in that photo. I like Henry's hand gripping him. It looks like a police photo from Communist-era Eastern Europe.

Carola, indeed it is. It must also be said that many of the most self-styled 'progressives' I know are amongst the most conservative folk I know.

Rob, the government is merely the expression of the people.