Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas makes everything twice as sad.

This seaweed appears to be waving hello. Bellerive Beach, December 2010.


Why not.

Why not indeed!


Because why?

Just because.

Just because I said so.



Why not?


Because why?

Why because?

? ? ?

! ! !


Carola said...

Great title. And great poem.

Who Is Afraid of Alfred Hitchcock? said...

Hi! Kris...

The Quote rings so true...and the photograph is very beautiful too~The poem remind me Of a quote once mentioned in an English course that I was enrolled in..."To every because there should be a why and to every why there should be a because"
[Or is it vice-versa?!?]
Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

Greyscale Territory said...

At Christmas, the poor (both physically and spiritually) seem poorer! A great maxim in your post title!

And love that photo! The seaweed also looks like some weathered fan!

Roddy said...

It looks like someone got to Santa's reindeer. They look like severed antlers to me. Stick around for the ransom note.

Sue said...

Sounds like the conversations I used to have with Cody! And sometimes still have!!

Kris said...

Carola, cheers!

DeeDee, the light was dull, but it didn't seem to bother the shot.

GT, it is indeed. Douglas Coupland, I think.

Roddy, a small reindeer.

Sue, it never stops?

Roddy said...

Second generation reindeer. I would never have guessed.

Kris said...

Dies gilt nicht berechnen.

Thiên said...

Lovely shot, Kris.

Kris said...

The beach did all the work.