Monday, December 20, 2010

A good conscience is a continual Christmas

A grey old morning. (Just off) the corner of Macquarie and Elizabeth Streets, Hobart. December 2010.

Christmas comes but once a year…? Thank Christ for that.

There are a few things about Christmas that I don’t mind: giving presents, a few days off, some quality time in the kitchen, a cauldron of chocolate mousse.

Regrettably, these are vastly outweighed by the things I loathe: tinsel, phony goodwill, the remorseless desire for material goods, the prevalence of fat guys in red suits with Rangifer tarandus sprinkled with snow despite the unmistakable fact that we here at the arse end of the world are in the middle of summer and you have as much likelihood of spotting a Thylacinus cynocephalus making love with a Raphus cucullatus to the tune of Mental as Anything’s Berserk Warriors than that hackneyed old scene.

It’s about time that us here in the Antipodes start seizing the initiative and make up our own bunch of nonsense set of traditions to ram down the throats of everyone until the spend spend SPEND until they can’t spend no more celebrate the… um… [ahem]… celebrate the…

What was that again?


Carola said...

Hey Kris, this is awesome. You found the right words.

We have loads of snow.
See here:

But I don't like the Brimborium, when it all is about consum, and everyone pretands to be religious.

Looking forward to some more family time. School will be closed from 24th until 9th January.

Kris said...

People don’t even pretend to be religious around these parts. They do cite “Christmas Spirit” etc etc, but that seems to be more about forcing yourself to be abnormally cheerful rather than any notion of benevolence or concern for those less fortunate.

Roddy said...

I dunno. You lost me when you started on Thylacinus.

Greyscale Territory said...

Gorgeous mumbo jumbo that rings with raw truth! I couldn't agree more!

Kris said...

Roddy, well...

GT, I'm not the only one!