Monday, December 06, 2010

Memories are doing funny things to us.

Hobart: On The Go! The view from the eastern end of Liverpool Street. December 2010.

We might not quite be rivalling Shanghai when it comes to cranes, but whenever you see three cranes on the go in Hobart, you know that something is going on. This one is part of a development that will comprise a supermarket, shops, an additional 544 parking spaces for the Argyle Street car park (just what Hobart CBD needs, more cars) and new “A-grade” office space.

Whether or not there will also be a slippery dip, wholesale ball bearing emporium, underwater aquarium, Turkish baths, Finnish sauna and Liechtenstienian superstore, I am unsure.


Roddy said...

Once we become the economic hub of the Southern Hemisphere you may well scoff then.
Progress is progress and you and I will not stop it.

Kris said...