Sunday, December 05, 2010

One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes a revolution in order to establish a dictatorship.

I suspect that there was once a door here. Theatre Royal, Hobart. December 2010.

As promised, here is Today's Sunday Top Five Seven, Nine Wonderful Uses For The Marvellous Oil Of The Genus Eucalyptus!
  1. Eucalyptus oil also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities as a topically applied liniment ingredient!

  2. Eucalyptus oil is also used in personal hygiene products for antimicrobial properties in dental care and soaps!

  3. Eucalyptus oil can be applied to wounds to prevent infection!

  4. Eucalyptus oil can also be as an insect repellent and biopesticide!

  5. Eucalyptus oil has been used as an effective way of killing dust mites!

  6. Eucalyptus oil is used in flavouring lollies, sweeties, candies and soft drink!

  7. Eucalyptus oil is also used as a fragrance component to impart a fresh and clean aroma in soaps, detergents, lotions and perfumes!

  8. Eucalyptus oil prevents the separation problem with ethanol and petrol fuel blends!

  9. Eucalyptus oil has a respectable octane rating and can be used as a fuel in its own right!


me said...

I'm more of a tea tree oil man myself, but i do enjoy eucalyptus' flexibility.

Roddy said...

Could this be the doorway that leads to the stairway to heaven?
Or just an emergency exit that wasn't needed.
Eucalyptus throat lollies are one of my favourites.

Greyscale Territory said...

Eucalyptus oil is a brilliant relief for cloggy noses!

Napoleon followed a revolution and Hitler was a revolution!

Kris said...

Me, I have time for tea tree too...

Roddy, not sure.

GT, dirty rotten Hitler!