Saturday, January 15, 2011

Modesty is a vastly overrated virtue.

We managed to ‘discover’ a new beach the other day. As it is somewhat off the beaten track (well, down a dirt road really), there is very little sign that anyone else uses it much. This makes Calverts Beach the perfect place to continue our Patented Pirate Preparation Programme (PPPP)!

Here we can perfect the fine art of charging at the enemy shouting curses and promises to eat their eyeballs and use their skull for a breakfast bowl [See above]…

Practice our scaling of potentially deadly cliff faces to sack entire towns, raping making inappropriate remarks and pillaging along the way…

Try-out prospective hasty retreats in case we’re overestimated our capacities and face routing/walking the plank/being hung drawn and quartered…

Yo ho ho and a bellyful of rum pink milk etc etc


Roddy said...

What a great shot of the "Beach Boys". I hope that name isn't copyrighted.
If nothing else the intrepid explorers should get nice and fit running up and over the sand dunes.
Next they will have to practice digging for buried treasure. Or perhaps practice burying it it.

Carola said...

This realy does look like the perfect place.

Great shots with your pirate gang.

Do you never thought, it could cause a problem,if you name your treasue beach?

Ah, and the photo from Jen on the beach is wonderful. She must love this. It is nice when Jen comes in the picture.

Kris said...

Roddy, no rubbish their either.

Carola, we tried another new beach yesterday. Not my favourite.