Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.

They built this wall around the boxes. Bus stop on Campbell Street, Hobart. January 2011.

Australia Day?


All these flags everywhere…


In my day, we used to think the Australian flag embarrassing (what, with it being dominated by someone else’s flag.

Mind you, I remain unconvinced by some of the proposed alternatives…

As presented before me, I shall be backing the demand to replace this insipid attempt:

…with this submission for a fellow with great form on the design front, Mr Ken Done:

If one would permit me a few minor alterations, I would suggest knocking that blue down a touch (indeed, opting for Prussian Blue instead), and make the yellow more golden, (like the Crayola colour Sunglow).

Yeah, it’s a little like the European Union flag, but it’s a damn sight better than having someone else’s monstrosity plastered all over the place. Even better, not a kangaroo – nor the colour green – in sight!


Roddy said...

A lot like the Eureka flag, don't you reckon?
Did I ever tell you about my interpretation of our present flag?
The Union Jack for what we left behind.
The blue of the ocean that we sailed across to arrive here.
The Southern Cross under which we now reside.
I have no idea as to what our national flag should look like, so I make the most of what we've got.
Our National Anthem is a whole new box of tricks!

Kris said...

There's more than poms to Australia' history.

Roddy said...

We can't encompass everyones flag. The Union Jack is a symbol of where we were, as opposed to where we are.
Perhaps to just remove the Union Jack and leave the rest.

Julie said...

Yep, I tend to agree more with your dad, Kris. Know the UJ out and leave the rest.

I like your suggested yellow but not your suggested blue. As for Mr Done, mmm ... he has missed the structure of the SC totallyand then it is just stars of sand ready to be washed away on the beach. Pretty standard Ken Done. He has bashed out the same design for the last 30+ years ...

Kris said...

I knew a woman once who told me that a fellow she knew regularly used the pick up line of "would you like to come back to my place and see my Ken Done doona cover?"

I am not sure of his success rate.

J Bar said...

I liked the comment that I heard this year on Australia Day. Our flag is only 75% Australian and 25% British. We need a flag that is 100% Australian. :)

Kris said...

And pretty!