Saturday, January 29, 2011

touch so hot with joy we amaze ourselves

Rocky outcrop times two. Storm Bay as seen from Eaglehawk Neck, January 2011.

It’s a lovely part of the world, Tasmania. If you’ve not been here, I might ask “why not?”

My Mouth Hovers Across Your Breasts, by Adrienne Rich

My mouth hovers across your breasts
in the short grey winter afternoon
in this bed we are delicate
and touch so hot with joy we amaze ourselves
tough and delicate we play rings
around each other our daytime candle burns
with its peculiar light and if the snow
begins to fall outside filling the branches
and if the night falls without announcement
there are the pleasures of winter
sudden, wild and delicate your fingers
exact my tongue exact at the same moment
stopping to laugh at a joke
my love hot on your scent on the cusp of winter


Roddy said...

Do you think that I might see Captain Jack Sparrow out there?

Carola said...

Because it's too far south, to much risk of heavy weather for a thiny sailboat. The most south we have been in Australia is Bundaberg.
But you may know we came all the way from Germany in this boat. And we sailed it back.
If I would come another time in this area, I would visit Tasmania.

J Bar said...

Great scenery.

Kris said...

Roddy, perhaps.

Carola, that's a reasonable excuse.

J Bar, we thought so!

Roddy said...

I'm using my imagination, but alas Jack appears to be on another island.