Sunday, February 27, 2011

One of the lessons of history is that nothing is often a good thing to do and always a clever thing to say.

I’m on a submarine mission for you baby… Bellerive, February 2011.

Telecom Australia was formerly the trading name of Telstra Corporation Limited, an Australian telecommunications and media company, formerly owned by the Australian government and privatised in stages from the late 1990s. To give you an idea of the age of this sign, Telecom became Telstra in 1995.

It is in surprisingly good shape given that it is (at least) sixteen years old. I suspect that this is explained (at least in part) by the fact that it doesn’t have Telstra emblazoned on it. Let’s just say that since privatisation, Telstra has not exactly endeared itself to its former owners, the Australian public…

Which leads me into today’s Sunday Top Five

Today I noticed – when uploading some new photographs – that my Blogger account is now upwards of 98% capacity of my 1 GB of free storage. Now you may have noticed, but this blog has essentially evolved into a photographic record of Tasmania and two certain characters, with some increasingly awkward commentary. Just a few more photos and I’ll be OVER THE LIMIT.

Thus, I am faced with Five Choices In Relation To This Here Blog (Or Web Log, As Blogs Are Commonly Referred Too)!

  • Chance my hand in the currency market and purchase more online storage space and continue on as usual.

  • Quit.

  • Start afresh somewhere else in some other format.

  • Sell the licence to to Rupert Murdoch for US 580 million dollars.

  • Hand over the reins to Henry and Ezra and see what happens.

Honestly, my preference in dot point four (4), but as yet Mr Murdoch has remained silent regarding any potential purchase. For that reason I turn to you, dear readers. What do you think I should do?


Carola said...

What a comical sign.

I can't answer your question but Kris, carry on.

Roddy said...

The only times I see the sign Submarine Cable is at sea. Rivers and bays to be more precise. As the anchor indicates, don't drag your anchor. Is the sign actually in or near water? If so then it makes sense to me.

Roddy said...

In answer to your question, what exactly do you want to do? I for one want you to continue. How will I ever cope without my daily dose of Henry and Ezra?
I would normally say "How much do you need to keep going?" But these days you are are on almost as much as me.
Is your heart still in it or are you looking for an out?
All I can say is that if you opt out then I mill miss the updates on yours and the kids lives.
I know it doesn't help you. But!

Kris said...

Carola, I'll try.

Roddy, the sign is in Bellerive.

Sue said...

I would love you to keep going in whatever way you want to. Personally I am always loathe to part with money for anything on the internet so I would probably go elsewhere and start anew or perhaps stay and just open a new account with another alias. I have many aliases on FB. All my "friends" are just made up people who are really me! hahaha

Kris said...

We'll keep plugging away.