Sunday, March 20, 2011

It is useless to tell one not to reason but to believe - you might as well tell a man not to wake but sleep.

Henry’s idea of an ideal hors d'œuvre is a stuffed vol-au-vent. At home, Geilston Bay. February 2011.

Henry made the tasty treat that you can see above all by himself, proving that at four, he’s already a better cook that 43 percent of the population. All of these fruit ‘n custard myrtille, fraise et crème anglaise vol-au-vents were gobbled up within seconds of their completion.

Indeed, there was barely time for photographs…

Which brings me to today’s all important Sunday Top Five, The Top Five Tasty Treat Desserts That Have Some Level Of Effectiveness In Getting My Two Very Loud Sons To Just Sit Down, Be Quiet And Stuff Their Mouths!

  1. Custard: plain and simple, fraise et crème anglaise is a favourite of all in the household!

  2. Semolina Pudding: heavy on the cream and raisons, semolina sans salmonella is a huge hit.

  3. Golden syrup dumplings: although initially treated with some trepidation, this humble ocker treatie is now a firm fixture on the winter menu.

  4. Ice Cream: I scream. You scream. Yes, we ALL scream for ice cream. With sprinkles and optional chocolate frog.

    […drum roll please…]

  5. Good ol’ fashioned Berries! Would you believe it? You can forget your highfalutin fancy dan processed showponies, stick a punnet of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries or raspberries in front of these two and watch them positively inhale them.


LNFAW said...

Roddy said...

Custard, yes.
Semolina with food poisoning?
Dumplings always gave me indigestion. Or was it the golden syrup?
Berries, yes with lots of ice cream and whipped cream, if you've got it.
The next time Henry does his vol-au-vents have him pour custard over them. Warm preferably.

Kris said...

LNFAW, must try harder...

Roddy, you need to read the post. Henry's vol-au-vents are filled with fraise et crème anglaise!

Roddy said...

OK. I missed the word custard.
Also the picture appeared to be lacking the vital ingredient.
My abject apologies to Henry.

Kris said...

He is very upset now.