Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

Millions of snakes, or more sinister? Eaglehawk Neck, Tasman Penninsula. January 2011.

I have had a song stuck in my head for five straight days now. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good song, but five days on constant rotation is a bit much. Anyway, I have this theory that if I look into the story behind the song, and potentially infect others with the virus, it will leave me alone.

Here goes…

If I Fell is a song by The Beatles that first appeared in the 1964. It was featured in the film A Hard Day's Night, and appeared on the accompanying soundtrack. Although it seems that John Lennon alone wrote it, it was credited to the Lennon/McCartney partnership.

The song itself has an atypical structure for an early (-ish) Beatles track, with an unrepeated introduction sang by Lennon, followed by sequential verse sections, each having a slightly expanded form, but with no obvious chorus or bridge section.

As ever, the song features a two-part harmony – Lennon and McCartney into a single microphone – with McCartney's voice seemingly struggling towards the end under the strain of dozens of young lovelies chasing him about. I like the effect though, and the pleasant imperfection is duly repeated within my ear worm.

Now, treat yourself and let me know if it gets stuck in your head!


Roddy said...

Having listened to that song at least Two hundred times, and that's just the first week, I notice nothing out of the ordinary.
It is a Beatles song and so, perfect.
As for your sand, how about tidal drift?
A lot of sea snakes if not.

Kris said...

It's a good track.

Sue said...

I was at a pub in St Kilda the other night, listening to Billy Miller (ex-Ferrets) playing and he did this song in his repertoire. I love it.
He did many other Beatles songs amongst it all. He did them very well.
I particularly liked his version of "I am the Walrus".

Kris said...

Those poor Ferrets.