Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We should never lose an occasion. Opportunity is more powerful even than conquerors and prophets.

Where have all the flowers gone? They're here in St Johns Park! New Town, March 2011.

How’s this for a future summer blockbuster film?

Keanu Reeves is an intrepid former police officer – he was framed for a crime that he didn’t commit – who now volunteers as an arborist in an inner city ghetto helping the yoof overcome their deprivation through the love of trees.

Suddenly, and without warning, a tsunami hits!

Keanu must journey through the panic stricken city with a rag tag bunch of loveable street urchins to save the woman that he loves (and avenge the crooked cops that set him up), while the city falls apart!

I’m calling it:


Green light!


me said...

Can I have a ticket to the premiere?

Roddy said...

A fuchsia for the future.
I can't honestly say, but hasn't this story line been compromised before? Slightly different take, but the same theme.

Kris said...

Me, I’ll leave your name at the door. Things could get awkward though…

“And you are, sir…?”

“I’m Me.”

“Now sir, I’ve no time for ay funny business. You are?”


“Now sir, don’t make me get angry, none of these fine people here need to see that. Your name?”

“I’m ME!”

[Fade to black…]

Kris said...

Roddy, there is no such thing as an original idea…

me said...

Throw in a dancing midget and some light jazz, and we're looking sat David Lynch's return to situation comedy.

Roddy said...

How novel. No original idea! What will they think of next? Reruns? No I think that has been tried.

Kris said...

Me, I'm not sure it will sell.

Roddy, BAH!