Sunday, April 10, 2011

All government is an ugly necessity.

All in all it’s just another… something or other. A brick wall. New Town Road, New Town. April 2011.

Crikey Moses, it’s Sunday again, and I’m stuck for another Sunday Top Five. As such, I turn to the trusty old CIA world fact book for advice…

First up, the TOP Five Countries Expenditure As A Percentage Of Gross Domestic Product (Where GDP Is Calculated On An Exchange Rate Basis, That Is, Not In Terms Of Purchasing Power Parity)!

  1. Iraq: 8.55%

  2. Jordan: 8.60%

  3. Qatar: 10.00%

  4. Saudi Arabia: 10.05%

  5. Oman: 11.40%


Roddy said...

I stand humiliated. I didn't know. Does it matter!?

Kris said...