Friday, April 22, 2011

A slit of light / at no bird dawn

Back when we had more sand in the sand pit. Backyard, Geilston Bay. December 2010.

We have a full agenda on our hands for the big Melbourne trip: the Zoo, the Aquarium, the Museum, ScienceWorks, the shops the shops THE SHOPS. I’m not sure that we’ll even have time to squeeze in a spot of sand pitting…

[I married] by Lorine Niedecker

I married

in the world’s black night
for warmth
if not repose.
At the close—

I hid with him
from the long range guns.
We lay leg
in the cupboard, head
in closet.

A slit of light
at no bird dawn—
I thought
he drank

too much.
I say
I married
and lived unburied.
I thought—


Roddy said...

They've got some good sandpits at the zoo if my memory serves me well.
Then that was about twenty years ago. You should remember. We went to see the Pandas.

Kris said...

We saw a Red Panda.

Roddy said...

No. Black and white. The Chinese variety.