Saturday, April 02, 2011

You are the beautiful half / Of a golden hurt.

Hold on the the bright flowers while you can. Seven Mile Beach. March 2011.

I have been awfully busy of late, so must apologise for my brevity. In fact, when this very post appears, I shall be otherwise occupied donating blood.

And do you know what? YOU should donate blood too...
To Be In Love, by Gwendolyn Brooks

To be in love
Is to touch with a lighter hand.
In yourself you stretch, you are well.
You look at things
Through his eyes.
A cardinal is red.
A sky is blue.
Suddenly you know he knows too.
He is not there but
You know you are tasting together
The winter, or a light spring weather.
His hand to take your hand is overmuch.
Too much to bear.
You cannot look in his eyes
Because your pulse must not say
What must not be said.
When he
Shuts a door-
Is not there_
Your arms are water.
And you are free
With a ghastly freedom.
You are the beautiful half
Of a golden hurt.
You remember and covet his mouth
To touch, to whisper on.
Oh when to declare
Is certain Death!
Oh when to apprize
Is to mesmerize,
To see fall down, the Column of Gold,
Into the commonest ash.


Who Is Afraid of Alfred Hitchcock? said...

Hi! Kris...
What a beautiful photograph...What type Of flower is that? Sunflower?
No...I agree with you, when it comes to donating blood and donating to The Red Cross in order to assist Japan.
Thanks, for sharing the poem and quote too!
DeeDee ;-)

Carola said...

Amazing how sharp and clear you captured this blossom. Perfect photo.

Kris said...

DeeDee, not sure what it is. I assume that it some kind of native.

Carola, it is nice and clear. This was snapped just before we saw the snake.

Roddy said...

It appears to be a daisy of some sort that grows predominantly on coastal plains. Personally I think they are a pest.