Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An acre of performance is worth a whole world of promise.

Longing for summer. Opossum Bay, February 2011.

Thus far in the life of this blog there have been quite a few posts. Two-thousand, six-hundred and eighty-nine posts, to be exact.


A decent amount of posts you will agree. At the bottom of every post, you’ll find a number of tags. How many tags, you ask?

I dunno, count them!

10 Murray 100% natural 1970s 24 carat pissants 500 8 weeks a better class of people a big job a bright shade of red a busy street a confused sense of sexuality a dead bird a fall from grace a filthy filthy habit pursued by foolish people a friend indeed a great big world a hard day's night a lady with an agenda a lert but not a larmed a lick of paint a matter of honour a mug's game a pair of geese a pirates life for me a question of taste a shoe in a tree A Son of War a spot of weather a stupid animal is an annoying animal a sweet tooth a womens place is under her husbands thumb abandoned buildings Abbott ABC about me about us above the clouds accents accidents accra achtung across the road acting that people should be proud of action shot actors Adams admissions Ads ads involving gaspers advertisements advice aerial aeroplanes Aesop affection AFL africa afternoon age shall not weary them aged care agowilt AIDS alan johnson album covers alcohol alert algae alienation all of us together all the problems in the world all three of them alone ALP alpaca AMA amber means slow down not speed up American Samoa American War for Independence Ampelmännchen amusing amusing oneself an offer you can't refuse analysis anarchists Angela Merkel anger angles Anglicans angry angry Russian peasants animals animals in sweaters animals in Tasmania animals in the wild animals run amuck animals that smoke anniversary annoying hippies annoying people another day another VD announcement another satisfied customer answers antarctica antenna anti-war protest ANZAC ANZAC biscuits ANZAC Day apartments apologies apple apple juice Applebaum application architecture arctic aren't they cute? Argentina argument arguments Argyle Street arms arsehole art art deco art? article arts and crafts artsy fartsy as i type this i am quite frankly over whining babies ashes Asia assassin assault Asterix astronomy at the park atheism attractive people Audrey Hepburn Aurora Australis Aussie Rules Austerlitz Australia Australia Day Australian animals Australian politics Autumn Avast Ye babies baby baby photo back fence back of the head backyard bad art bad decisions that other people make badly drawn animals badly drawn people bagging journalists again balance ball balladeers balloons baltic ban ban this filth Bangladesh banks barbed wire baseball bashing bashing your wife is funny Bass Strait bastard bathing bathing beauties bathtub Battery Point Baywatch bbc be careful where you put it beach beachcombers beaches beanbag bears beatings beautiful beautiful babies beautiful boys beautiful days beautiful girls beautiful places beautiful sky beautiful water beavers bedroom bedroom eyes bedtime bee beefcake beer before and after behind bars being being really really tired and cracking the shits with the computer for deleting a post that was really witty irreverent and cool being stuck next to someone who has shit their pants and cares not a jot Being There Belarus belief Bellerive Bellerive Beach Bellerive Bluff Bellerive Boardwalk Bellerive Oval Bellerive Wharf Bengal Tigers Bernard Crick berries better and better bias big birds big boats big boy's bed big brothers big cats big feet big job in front of him big park bikes bikinis billboards billy goats gruff bins bird bird on a wire bird poo birds birds and the bees birds of Australia birth birthday birthday cake birthday party birthday suit bitstrips black and white Blackie blasphemy blast from the past blatant lies blather bleak Blinking Billy Beach Blinking Billy Point bliss blog blogging blogs blokes blokes in boats blokes who lie to their wives bloody BLOODY COMPUTERS bloody do gooders blossoms blowing a gale blubber blubber and chips blubber pots blue skies blue water blustery boat boat ramp boats boats boats boats as far as the eye can see boats on boats Bob Dylan body modification bollards bonanza book review books BOOM head shot boring boring people bovines bowl of grapes bowls boxes in walls boxing Boxing Day boys love balls boys will be boys Bragg Brando brave boys brave explorers of the new century bread breakfast breaking loose breasts breezy Brendon Nelson brett lee bricks bridges brig brigantine bright lights big city bright young things brooding brothers brothers in arms brothers in boxes brown Bruce Dawe Brutalism bubbles Buckingham Bowls Club budapest buddha budget buds building buildings bullshit bullshitting bully boys bunting buoys bureaucrat Burnie Burnie Dockers burning love burst pipes bus bus mall bus stop bushes bushfires butcher butterfly buying people by golly kids must get confused given the books they read C3PO cabal cacti cactus cake cakes that I have made calm down ladies there is enogh to go around calm waters Calverts Beach camel camera camouflage Campbell Street campbell town can you guess? canada canberra capitalism captions car journey car journeys car park cardboard box career careful now carribean Carruthers Building cars cartoon cartoons cash Castray Esplanade Castro casual racism cat not on a hot tin roof catch-22 catching some rays catchy slogans cats caution CBD cecilia celebrate celebrities celebrity cemetery Cenotaph censors chains chairs challenge champions changes character charging in Charlie Brown Charlie Sheen charm chasing balls chasing stuff cheating cheats check out that shoe polish check out the view cheeky cheer up old son cheese chess chick magnets chicken chickens child porn children children are a riddle wrapped in an enigma with a mystery for a box children are in danger most of the time children that want to do a poo but can't children who break things children wrecking things chimney chinatown chinese garden Chinese New Year Chinese propaganda chives chocolate choices chopper Christmas Christmas Day 2010 Christmas decorations Christmas Eve Christmas morning Christmas Parade Christmas Presents Christmas मोर्निंग church Cider cigarettes ciggies are good for you cities city civil war classy cleaning cleaning out the slops cleanliness cliches Clifton Beach climbing climbing up stuff Clinton clips close up clothes clouds clowns clutching at straws Coal River Valley cock cockatoos cocks coconuts Coffee coin coincidence coins cold Cold Chisel cold war cold winter's morn Colin the baby whale collecting collections Collins Street colour colours comedy comic comics coming in to land comment commentary communication communism community comparision competition complex compounded words compromise computers concrete cockatoos conference confession confessions Confucius conkers Conspiracy Constitution Dock consumerism contests controversy convicts cookies cooking cool cool dudes Cool Hand Luke Cormorant Cornelian Bay corner store corners of buildings corruption countdown to birthday coup court cover art cows coy crabs beautiful crabs craft cranes cranes not of the feathered variety cranes not of the paper variety cranky crash bandicoot crash up derbies crashing surf crawling crawling around on the floor cray boat. fishing boat crayfish creative photography creative writing creeping about with a camera crepuscular cricket crime crime and punishment criminals critical review critical theory crocodiles croquet Crossing the Lines cruel cruel irony cruel parents cruelty cruise cruise ship crying CSIRO cuddles cuddly Karl Marx cuisine cult of personality cultural relativism culture cushions cute cute animals cute broads cute chicks cute little animals cute little animals gone wild cute little blokes cute little boys cute men cute? cutie pies cutting grass daily photo dailyphoto dancing dangerous australian animals dangerous behaviour dangling without purpose Darkness at Noon darling habour darren get out of those toothache drops for christsake how many times do i need to tell you data daunting Davey Street David Bowie david lynch DDR dead babies dead things dead trees death death count debate decisions decisions declaration decorations deep in thought defeat definitions democracy depressing derelict ruins Derwent Avenue Derwent Estuary Derwent foreshore Derwent River Descartes desolation desperation desserts development Devonport DHHS Diamond Princess Dick dickhead dickheads dictator did you know? difference digging ditches dinner dinosaurs diplomacy dipping the toes in the water dirty old men discipline discourse discussion disdain disenchantment diva do you ever get the feeling they want you to do something? dock doctors dogs dogs in cars doing his bit doing the wrong thing domestic violence Don River Railway donald rumsfeld doors doppelgänger dora dorky christians dosh down low down south drabble dragons drains Dreams dressing up dribble drink drinking drinking games drinking problem driveway driving drool drowned trees drowning worms drugs drugs and alcohol dry old time dual duck ducks dumb broads dumbing down dusk dusty e-mail Eaglehawk Neck ears Earth East Derwent Highway East Germany Easter Easter Monday Eastern Europe Eastern Rosella eastern shore eating eating lunch echidna economics economists edgy educational Edwards ee cummings effort eggs ego is not a dirty word election electioneering elections electricity Elizabeth Street Elizabeth Street Pier Elmo embarrassing emergency exit Emily emotional manipulation for beginners emotions empowerment empty streets emu Emu River engaging with key stakeholders Engles enlightening entertaining the troops Errol Flynn errors escaped convicts eskimos Essendon estonia estuary ethics ethnic hands etymological etymology eucalyptus eugenics Europe evening evening light everyday kind of things evil animals evil genius evil gnome examples excitement excuse me while I just get this off my chest excuses excuses exercises existentialism experiment experimental haircuts experimental poetry experimental shots explaining things exploration exploring the possibilities exxxtreme sports eyelashes Ezra Ezra and Jen Ezra is a Scotsman at heart Ezra Leo Fitzgerald McCracken Psychotropical Brain Explosion the park Ezra lurking in the background Ezra's party fable face of an angel Facebook facts fairies faith falling falling down the mountain and end up kissing dirt fam fame family family portrait family ties famous people in history fan club fanny packs Fantasy farm farm animals farms fashion fast food and even faster women fat cats fat cherubs riding goldfish fat little cherubs father father and son fatherhood Fathers fathers day fauna faux pars fear sells feasting on the carcess Federation Square feeding the ducks feelings feet feminism fences Fern Glade Fern Tree ferry festival festival season Fichte fields of grapes fifty mile smile fight fighting fillum stars film filthy filthy birds filthy bums fine art finland fire in the loins fire truck fires fish fish mongers fishing fishing boat fit young men fitness fitness regimes Five Mile Beach fixing a hole flag flags Flagstaff Gully flamboyant flash photography flesh Flickr Flinders Street Station flirting floods flora flotsam or jetsam flow charts flowers flying focus Foden fog food food on one's face fool football footpath footy forests. rainforest forgetting fort Fort Beach fortold Fossil Bluff fountain four day week fowl frames france Frances Frankfurt School Franklin Square Franklin Wharf freckles Frederick Henry Bay free prose freedom freedon freeform prose french fresh fresh faced four year old fresh faced two year old Friday Book Club Friday is my day off Friday is supposed to be my day off friends frigging in the rigging from a tree from above from behind from below from the bushes from the front door fruit frustrated frustration fuckwits fun fun and games fun fact of the day fun fun fun fun in the sun funny funny ha ha funny little car funny looks funny name futility fuzz gadgets gambling game games gangs gangsta gangsters gardening gardens Garfield gay rights geek geeky geelong Geilston Bay Geilston Bay Community Centre Geilston Bay High School Gellibrand House gender equality Gene Simmons generating heat generosity genetics gentleman geography geology geopolitics George Carlin Gerald Fitzgerald German Idealists germany Gerogia getting old getting wet ghana girly teens glare gliding on three wheels gloomy goats off their tits God Goethe going down the stairs going home going out going to work goldfish golf gone fishing good hygiene good little boys good looking dudes good looking men good news good time girls good times Google Analytics goose Goring government GPO graffiti graft grains of sand grainy grammar grammar and punctuation Grand Chancellor grand masters grandparents graphical presentations of ideas grass grates grave stones greased lightning great southern land greed green in the city grey old days grey skies grief grinning like an idiot grog gross growing up gruesome grumpy old troll guess guest Guide Falls Alpaca Park guilt and shame guilty mothers guilty pleasures guitars Gulag gulls gum trees gumboots gun control guns guns don't kill people people with guns kill people Günter Grass haircut haircut 100 hairy Ezra hairy Henry half a gum tree halloween Hamlet handguns hands handsome handsome devils handsome young man handy hints for the home happily swinging the day away happiness happy happy clappers happy young man hard as a rock hard at it hard at work hard work harry high pants hasn't it aged well? hat full of arseholes hat hair hate hats having a break having a swim having fun he asked for it he has got the whole world in his hands he is not drunk he looks like an angel but he is like the devil he looks like Barry Gibb he looks really sad but he is actually quite happy he's a big boy now he's lost his shoe he's spotted something headline health heavy machinery heavy petting HECS Hegel help helping out in the garden hemingway Henry henry and ezra henry and the gang henry lurking Henry's party Henry’s cooking heroes Hery hey good looking hey hey we're the monkeys hey mum look at these stupid goats hide and seek hiding hiding underneath a table hiding underneath my office window high school high up in the sky hills hillsong church Hinsby Beach hints and tips hippies hipsters historical figures history history as i have been led to believe it Hitchhiker's Guide Hitler Hobart Hobart in the Autumn Hobart in the Spring Hobart in the Summer Hobart in the Winter Hobart International Airport Hobart is booming Hobart roads Hobart Technical College Hobat Hockey hockey fields hoist the mainsail holding hands hole in the fence holiday holiday homes hollywood heartthrob Holy Communion home homemade gear homoerotic homosexual homsexuals hoodlums hoods hooray hope change blah blah blah hops horrible towels horrid hosing down the lounge hospital hot day hotel house rules houses housework how about that view? how can I be so tired when it is only the start of the week how embarrassment how many packs could an alpaca pack if an alpaca could pack packs? how much can a koala bear? how to get guys how to get ladies how you doing? Howrah Howrah Beach Hugo Chávez hugs human beans humanity humility humour Hungary hungry hunk of spunk hunks hunky hunky Henry Huon Valley husbands Hydro building hyperbole hypocrisy hypocrite I am a snake i am sick of this weather i am sorry but i just had to get that off my chest I am the king of the castle i appear to have forgotten the labels for this post I approve of this photo i call em as a see em i couldn't think of anything to write because I am so tired because the baby kept me awake all night and I had to host playgroup today i don't care what he says he will always be my baby I have a theory i just need to say this i miss my camera so very very much i scream you scream we all scream for ice cream I spy I thought that the French had style? i want to suck your blood I wish that I was anywhere but here I would rather be anywhere but here i'm still standing I'm walkin' here I'm with the band I've been busy Ian Thorpe icy pole icy poles ideas ideologues idiot idiots if I could be serious for a minute if people seriously believed this ad then by god we as a human race are screwed ignore the mess imagination immunisation imperialism impersonation importance important imposing clouds imposing sky impression impressive clouds impressive water in a box in a mans life there are times when his mettle is tested and my mettle turned out fine in a rush in a tunnel in bed in like Flynn in memoriam in profile in the bath in the bushes in the dunes in the long grass in the navy in the shower inappropriate toys industrial espionage inflation information insensitivity inside inspiring scenes insulting Paris Hilton insults intellectual masturbation intelligent blokes intensity Interest Rates interesting interesting angles interesting ideas interesting light international relations internet into the sky Iran iron man iron will irony is it a bird is it a plane is it a bird is it a plane it is a helicopter is it art? is it hot in here or am i just horny as hell is that a bee? is that an alpaca or a llama? island isn't he handsome it always rains on the weekend it draws the eye it is a big country it is Duplo not Lego it is not easy being right when everybody around you is wrong it looks like a noose it looks like glass it looks like something that it isn't even though it looks like it it looks painful it reminds me of... It Takes All Sorts it's only natural it's warmer than it looks Italian soccer players Italian soccer players often play like little girls italy itsy bitsy spider it’s cold outside Jamaica Japan Japanese garden Japanese proverbs jeep jelousy Jen Jen and Ezra jen and hen Jen's Crafty Ideas Jennifer jens photo jesus Jesus wants blood jetty JM Keynes joe bennett John Franklin joke Joseph Heller journal journalism juice jumping jumping castle jungle? junk food just awake just dump a load of crap down there and we shall just call it art shall we just hanging out just woken up justice Kalashnikov Kangaroo Bay kant Kate Beaton Kathryn Hughes Katie Hepburn Dishonour Role kayak kayaks Keef Richards keeping a man keeping it real kelly's steps kelp gull Kenneth Slessor kicking it old school kids kids and animals kids and cameras kids everywhere kids in the kitchen kids today kids with guns kids with stupid names kiling machines killer whales killers kings and queens Kingston Beach Kinky Friedman kissing kites knitting knots knowledge koala Koestler kookaburra Kosinski Kris kris mccracken L'Astrolabe lacking imagination ladies ladies and men Lady Nelson lady on lady love lame jokes lamp post land predators landmark landmarks language Lao-Tzu late afternoon late posts Lauderdale laughing laughter Launceston lavender law laying down on the job layout lazy leadership learning learning to eat learning to surf leaves leaves are gone legs liars Liberal Party liberals liberation liberty library life life is a lot of stuff happening a lot of it bad lifesavers light light towers lighting lights lights and night likeness lindisfarne lindisfarne north Lindisfarne North Primary School Lindisfarne Primary lines link links lions lips list lists literature little and large little angels little babies little bloke doing big things little blokes making noise little blokes pulling faces little blokes with big ideas little boats little girls little girls play soccer Little Howrah Beach Liverpool Street livestock living room lizard local history local park local pride logic logos LOLcats LOLHenry London lonely hearts Long Beach Playground Long Beach walkway look at me look at the little bloke isn't he cute look in the sky look what I have here lookalikes looking at things looking at things in different ways looking cool looking down looking for crabs looking for stuff looking good looking into the light looking out over the ocean looking over his shoulder looking south looking south east looking stupid looking through it looking towards the city looking up looking west lookout behind you looks like rain loons loose women losers lost lost in thought lost in translation lots of little buoys loungeroom lounging love love and marriage love is blindness lovely eyes lovely sky lucky lucre lurking lush greenery luxury lying lying around machines maching Macquarie Street macro mafia Magistrates Court magpies making a fool of ones self making a mess making fun of people making fun of the poms making kids look foolish making women hate themselves in order to sell them stuff making you hate yourself Malaysia man on man love man's inhumanity to man managers manhole or personhole? map maps March on Rome marching band Marieville Esplanade marine board market marketing Marlon Brando marriage married to the sea Mars Bars Martin Cash marx Marx and Engels mass media mass murder mastering the art masts masturbation maternity leave Mawson Place max weber me me and ezra me and Henry meaning meat media medical profession Mediterranean meeting people meeting the locals meetings meh Melbourne Melbourne Aquarium Melbourne Zoo meme memette memories memory men men and women men at work men of science men of stone menacing clouds Menzies Centre messages metal Metro Mick Jagger midlands milestone military military history Mimi and Toutou Go Forth mindless silliness Minsk miracle cures miracles misery guts misogyny miss america mist mistake mister strong mittens mobile phones modesty MONA FOMA Festival of Music and Art monday Monday morning money monks monolinth monsters Montagu Bay moody moonscape mooring moorings moral fibre moral frameworks moral panic morality morning morning light mornings moron morons moss mother mother and son Mother Nature Mother's Day Classic mothers mothers and sons motion pictures motoring along Motown mottos Mount Field National Park Mount Nelson Mount Nelson Signal Station Mount Pleasant Radio Observatory Mount Wellington mountain mountaineering moustache movies moving little blokes Mr Happy mucking about mud flats muddy water Mugabe mugging mum and bub murderous intent Mures Muriel Spark murray and davey Museum museums mushrooms music music video musical theatre mussels MV Cartela my beautiful boy my desk my family my favourite youngest son my son likes to hide in boxes My Space mystery nails naked as the day he was born names nasty humour national anthems National Grammar Day National Pies natural beauty naughty naughty boy nautical navy nazi nazis necktie net New Zealand New Town New Town Oval New Town Road new toys new years news newspapers Newtown next stop Antarctica nice hat nice head of hair nice images nice light nice patterns nice photos nice sky nice water. sunny days NICE women nicknames nifty night night soil Nilfisk ning nippers no alarms and no surprises no he doesn't spin around no nothing know it alls no wonder that Germaine Greer got so upset nobs North America North Hobart North Hobart Oval North Korea North Melbourne North West Coast northern suburbs not a good look not happy not very witty nothing like a dame nibbling on a greasy chicken leg novels NSW Bias nuclear power nude nudity numbers nursery rhymes Nutgrove Beach NYT Obama observations obsolete is the new black ocean Oceanic Viking odd angles odd beliefs odd mixtures odd sights odd things that children do offensive offering office space officials oh my what big eyes you have OHA old and busted old shed olympics ominous sky on a clear day you can see forever on all fours on holidays on the bus on the ground on the piss on the swings on the water on the way to work on this day on top of the world on wheels one for the ladies one minute poem one of them looks happy ones prime online online applications oops opinion Opossum Bay orders orders are orders original original work orphanage orphans ostrich oulu our feathered friends our front yard out and about out front out of harm's way out the front outrage Ovaltine overkill overrated Pa pacific paedophilia painful painting painting on walls Pakistan pale Russian princess palm tree pancakes panorama panoramic shot pants parenthood parenting parents Paris Hilton park parks parliament parliament lawns parrots party passing judgement passion patience patriarchy pattern Paul Krugman Paul Roos Paul Simon Peanuts peas in a pod pedestrians pedophile peeling paint penguin rookery penguins penis people people as livestock people eating stuff people in Hobart people in the street people on the go people that look like people names Audrey people that people would like to play them in a film people who give their boats stupid names people who just try to do the right thing most of the time people who shit in other people's food people who take themselves and their work far too seriously perfection periods personal philosophy perspective perverts pests pets phallogocentrism phallus philosophy photo photographs photography photos photos by Jen photos from a car photos that could be used on an old vinyl record photos with a 1970s-vibe PhotoShop physics piano Picton River picture pictures pied oyster catchers pier piers. boats pigeon pigs pin ups pirates Pirates Bay pissing people off pizza places i want to visit places of business plants Platycercus eximius platypus play play group playboy models playground playgroup Playgroup Association building playing in the park playing in the water playing on the floor pleasing the factions plotting plovers plugged in plump cheeks plump things plural podcasts poe poem poetry pointing the blame pointing the finger pointlessness is the point poker machines polar poles police political comment political correctness gone mad political history political philosophy political science political theory Politics pollon ponderings poo poor little blokes pop culture pop stars popular popular culture porcupines porn portrait portraits pose posh sports posing for the camera positivity poster poster art posters potato poultry power power lines practising preparations present presents President press pretend food pretty ladies pretty out there man pricks pride Princes Park Princes Wharf princess Pripyat private privatisation privilege production products that make people want to poo propaganda propellers pros and cons Pros and Cons of Toddlers prose protest proverbs public health campaigns public humiliation public interest public policy public relations public servants public service public service announcement public space public transport pubs and clubs pudding puddles purpose pussy putting one's feet up puzzle question question of the day questionnaire questions quick quiz quote Quotes R2D2 rabbit race racism racist racoon radicals railways rain rain is a killer too rain rain go away rainbow raindrops on branches raising money random strangers rant rants rape rapidly running out of stock photos rappers rationality rats with wings re-enactment reaching out reading REAL tennis Realism really stupid tennis rebels recipe recipes recruitment red red brick Red Cross reeds reflection reflections reform relationships relax relief religion Remarque remember when hate drew us together rather than tore us apart remembering and forgetting report reportret repression reputation rescue boat rescue me research respect responsible advertising resting retirement revelations revenue revisiting the past revolution RHH Richmond Richmond Bridge Ridgley riding around riding your parents like a horse right versus wrong rights riot ripples Risdon Brook Dam Risdon Vale risk and reward risk management risky business river river's edge riverfront rivers rivulet road rules road safety road trip roaring like a lion robots Roches Beach rocks rocks not sad rocks not sand Roddy Roebuck roles Ronald Reagan roof rooves rope rosella roses are red Rosny library roughnecks round rowing Royal Botanical Gardens Royal Hobart Hospital royalty rubbish rubbish bins Rudd rude rude animals rude pricks rugby rugged up running amok running like a madman Russell Falls Russia rust sack them sacred cows sad sadness sailing sails Salamanca Salamanca lawns Salamanca Market Salamanca Square Sally Brown Salta sand sand dunes sand in a bag sandpit Sandy Bay sartre Saturday Festival of *someone else's* Poetry sawhili Scandinavia scaring little old ladies scary scary animals Schlink school School of Health Sciences schoolboy humour schoolyard bullying science scooters Scotland scrag screaming scrub scrumpy sculpture seagull seagulls seals searching season seats seaweed Sebald second world war secret secret agents secret women's business see-saw seeds seen better days seize the day self improvement self interest self portrait selfish sending a message sentinal separated at birth sepia service Sesame Street Seven Mile Beach sex sex sells sexism sexist sexist pigs sexual assult sexy sexy broads sexy men sexy people shadows shag shags on rocks sharing shark infested waters sharks she sells sea shells by the sea shore sheds sheep shells ship shipping containers ships Shiver me timbers shock horror shops short prose short story shouting showing off showing some skin shredding shrubs shutter speed Siberia siblings sick sick to death of it Sid Meier's Pirates side on side street signs silly silly buggers silos Simon and Garfunkel simpler times sin sit down site update sitting in boxes sitting on a park bench sitting on the couch sitting on the couch at home sitting up skink sky slags slavery slaves sleep sleeping beauty sleeping like a baby slide slobber slogans slow news day smart Smarties smashes smile smiles all round smiling smokes smoking smurfs snails snow snow bunnies so very very tired soap soccer players soccer players often look like little girls social history social life social networking social philosophy socialist realism society socks soda soft drink soft rock soldiers solution sombre some other kid some say that Ezra with curls resembles a more masculine Shirley Temple someone elses poem someone's back door something fishy something for the wee bairns something to do with computers sometimes i feel like i don't have a partner sometimes i feel like my only friend sometimes i understand why people take weapons into the workplace and kill everybody there song song and dance songs songs that get stuck in my head sons sore and sorry sorting it out sorting shells south america South Arm Peninsula South East Asia southeast Asia Soviet realism soviet union space Spanish Civil War speaking speculation speed spikes spinning spiteful behaviour spitting spoilt brats sponge spooky sport sporting the wet look Sports logos spot the Henry spotted spring spunkrat spunks spying squatting St David's Park St Davids Park St Johns St Johns Avenue St Johns Park st kitts stairs stairwell standards today standing still standover tactics Star Wars starfish statements that sound like euphemisms stating the obvious statistics stats statto statues steel stick sticks still life stompin stop at the lights stop taking photographs stories Storm Bay storming the barricades storms stormy weather story straight at the camera streaking stream of consciousness streamers streetlight strike a pose striking a balance strolling struggling struggling against the tide strutting one's stuff stuck in a can up in the air with no leg room stuck in a chair for hours on end stud muffin studs study stuff stuff people put in their gardens stuff that Jen has made stuff that people make stuff we do stupid stupid men stupid parents stupid things that we do stupid woman stupid women stupidity style style guru sub alpine vegetation subtle suburb suburban success sucking up suicide suits sullivans cove sultry Summer summer rain sun sunbeam sunburst Sunday morning Sunday Top Five sunflowers sunglasses sunlight sunny days sunrise suns sunscreen sunset sunshine sunshine through the leaves Supreme Court surface shots surfing surrealistic realism suspicious minds swearing Sweden sweet talk swimming Sydney Sydney Swans Sydney to Hobart symmetry t-shirt table manners tackling the pole tactical crying tactical pooing Tagged Tahune Air Walk Tahune State Forest taking a risk talented children tales of the sea talking about the past tall ships tall trees tans Taroona tasman bridge Tasman Peninsula Tasmania Tasmania Police Tasmania's North West Tasmanian Tasmanian Devil Tasmanian drivers Tasmanian technical innovation Tasmanian Tigers Tasmanians Tassal Taste Festival tasteful skin tasty tasty treats tattoo taxation taxi Team Benry teamwork technical technical difficulties technology tedium teh internets telephones television telling the little ones off Telstra Ten Days on the Island tennis terrorgnome terrorism terrorists tessellated pavement Tessellated Pavements test text messages texture thank your mother for the rabbits thanks that I do not like that is a load off my mind that is a weight off my shoulders that time of year again that's right it's me The ABC the absurdity of romance the art of subtlety the artist art work the artist at work the Ashes the beach The Beatles the big blue sky the big city the big park The Biggest Loser the birds the boat park the boys the bush the Cactus House the Carpenters the certainty of the dialectic of history the cruel and isolating beauty of nature the cycle of life the day off the deep blue sea the delicate art of seduction the Derwent Valley the docks the Domain the Dutch the economy the ego the end is nigh the environment the evils of drinking the first day of school the future the gang is all here the Glenorchy express the good old days the grand old dame the grass is always greener the harsh reality the Holocaust the jackyls the law the living room the look the love boat the love that dare not speak its name the media The Mercury the moon the natural world the news job The Night in Lisbon the office the opposite sex the ordinary ways in which people do stupid things the park the past the plane the plight of the mentally ill The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie the problem with the world today the qualities of the man The Reader the right place at the right time the rugged isolation of Tamania the self the shed The Short Life and Long Times of Mrs. Beeton the sky The Soldier's Return The Sound of Music the south east The stud The Sun the sun also rises The Supremes the Tasman Sea The Thin Red Line the things that people do in their lunch break the things that you see the things that you will find the things you see The Thinker the three loveliest people going around the tide if well and truly out the tide is well and truly out the tin drum the valley of love the whole world smiles with you the wonders of modern technology the wrapping game Theatre Royal theme thursday then and now there are people that do things people that don't do things and there are people that eat cake There are things we know that we know things I don't like... things that I hate things that I have tried things that I like things that people hate things that we now know we don't know things to look at things we don't know we don't know things you see things you see waiting for the bus think before you drink thinking thinking things through thinking too much about things this will hurt me thoughts thousand yard stare threat three for one through a fence throwing the baby out with the bathwater thumbs up tibet tidal flat tie me up tie me down tiger snake tigers time off time roof time travel time wasting tipping tips tips for the lonely tired title TMAG to busy to do a proper post so I will give you a photo to tired to do a proper post so I will give you a photo tobacco toddler toddlers toddlers being cruel to their mums toddlers in the kitchen toes toilet tongue too busy to do a proper post so I will give you a photo top secret torture totalitarianism touch football toughs tourists towards Antarctica towers town hall toys traditional notions of womanhood equal the new feminism which is good traffic traffic lights tragedy train training trains traits Tranmere translation trapped travel treasure hunt treats tree trees tricks trilogy trip trolls tropics trucks true grit trust truth and beauty TUESDAY Q and A Tulip Festival Turnbull TV twirling two dudes hanging out on a roof two for one two of 'em typewriters tyranny ugly landmarks Ukraine uncomfortable under construction under the sea underneath the river underwa underwater United States university unwise campaigns up against the wall up close and personal up in the sky up the creek with a paddle up the shorts up to no good up to our waists in it urban urban grit urination US politics USA useless using up my unused shots using up unused stock USSR vaccinations vacuum value vampires Vaudeville VD Vegemite vegetation venereal disease Victoria Vida video videos vintage ads vinyard vision vistas visualisation Vladimir Lenin vogue wailing waiting at the lights waiting for breakfast waiting for something to happen waiting for the bus walk to the bus walking walking to work walking up a hill wallabies walls walrus wandering wank wankery Wapping war war on terror war poet warehouses warm today warning warning signs washing washing dishes wasps waste watching people watching TV watchootalkinaboutwillis water water features water's edge watercraft waterfont waterfront watermelons waves wealth weather websites weekend Weezer weightloss West Beach west indies West Park Oval wet wet bums whacko christians whaling what a big lad he is now what a mess what are they doing on that chair what are you looking at what did he do? what does he see what Ezra was looking at what is art? what is he doing what is he doing? what is he thinking? what is it? what men want what on earth is going on here what sort of moron gives guns to a kiddie at Christmas what's going on? what's he thinking? what's the difference between an alpaca and a llama? whatever when does a baby stop being a baby when is a building a skyscraper? when you're smiling where animals sleep where are the Chinese People whingers and moaners White Death WHO who needs Santa when I have Lenin who said that the art of conversation was dead who would have thought that the 1980s would make a comeback who's been a naughty boy then? why did the monks cross the road why i love the little man who crosses the road in East Berlin Wigton Wild wild animals wild men of rock wilderness wildlife Wilfred Owen will it fit? winaries wind wind on the water Windeward Bound windows windswept hair windy wine winners winter winter in spring Winter War wires wisdom Withdrawal Unit witty wives wombat women wonder Wooby's Lane Wooden Boat Festival word cloud word for the day words words cease to carry a familiar sense of meaning and importance words words wonderful words work workers workin' the land working blue working girls working it out working the crowd workout workouts world world gone mad world war ii world war one world war two worms worried worth wotchulookinat woteverdoyoumean would you like to share wrapping things up wrestling writing wrong wrong? WTF Wynyard xkcd xkdc yachts Yakutsk Yarra River yellow yes it is an actual real life photo of Henry smiling yes Jesus loves me Yoga yogurt you better watch your back Santa you can leave your hat on you can pick up East German TV from here you handsome devil you sexy thing You Tube Young Hegalians young men young people today youngest your tax dollars at work youtube yummy Zen and the art of getting the ball closest to the jack Zimbabwe zipping around ZooDoo zoom थे big blue sky बोअट्स boats boats as far as the eye can see वि • branches


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Of course!

Kris said...

I believe that had something to do with an old advertisment.

Steffe said...

Ha, that is a lot of tags. I will have to check mine as I know I have a few misspelled ones. Nice boat here.

Carola said...

Great boat shot.

So much tags, unbelievable . They made me smile sometimes.

The tags are like your blog: awesome, gorgeous, stunning, funny, nice, ... great inspiration, never boring.

Kris said...

Steffe, there are too many for me to keep track of now!

Carola, the tags tell a story by themselves!