Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Canada was built on dead beavers.

Watch out on those cliffs. Clifton Beach. June 2011.

Sometimes I would like noting more than to sit out on these cliffs (out of the wind), and just watch the sea.

For hours and hours and hours and hours.

I don't think that there is anything dishonourable in running away from the world to live the life at sea for a time.


Tash said...

Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Close up, it looks a bit like bits of coast at Palos Verdes. But I know it really quite different.

Kris said...

Cripes it was windy.

Roddy said...

How about forty years? That's about were I'm at now.
Anywhere out of the wind is a good place to sit and watch the sea wander.

Kris said...

Under the sea?

Roddy said...

In an Octopuses garden perhaps.