Saturday, June 04, 2011

His wandering thoughts escape like geese

Autumn leaves on an Autumn tree at the start if Winter. St Johns Park, New Town. June 2011.

It has been getting colder.

Much colder.

What the Goose-Girl Said About the Dean, Edith Sitwell

Turn again, turn again,
Goose Clothilda, Goosie Jane.

Bright wooden waves of people creak
From houses built with coloured straws
Of heat; Dean Pasppus’ long nose snores
Harsh as a hautbois, marshy-weak.

The wooden waves of people creak
Through the fields all water-sleek.

And in among the straws of light
Those bumpkin hautbois-sounds take flight.

Whence he lies snoring like the moon
Clownish-white all afternoon.

Beneath the trees’ arsenical
Sharp woodwind tunes; heretical—

Blown like the wind’s mane
(Creaking woodenly again).

His wandering thoughts escape like geese
Till he, their gooseherd, sets up chase,
And clouds of wool join the bright race
For scattered old simplicities.


Steffe said...

And over here it is getting warmer and warmer. Nice yellow tone.

Kris said...

Steffe, They've all fallen down now!