Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Someone who knows too much finds it hard not to lie.

Scenes from a film:

Walkabout II: Due South


Roddy said...

Jeeze. I thought for a minute Ez was on the moon. And how cool. No air tanks.

Who Is Afraid Of Miss Lovett? No, Mrs.Lovett... said...

Hi! Kris...
Nice photograph Of another handsome young man...The quote most definitely, have more than a "ring" of truth to it!
Thanks, for sharing!
deedee :-D

Carola said...

A cool shot. Yes, my first impression was "on the moon" too. Iceland, Greenland, somewhere far away.

Kris said...

Roddy, it was very cold.

DeeDee, too true!

Carola, Clifton Beach is about half an hour from our place.

Roddy said...

He looks cold.