Saturday, July 16, 2011

delighted fingers knitting for the is it Poles?

What are they doing in there? 10 Murray Street at night. Hobart. July 2011.

I like e.e. as I like 10 Murray: with intensity. However, if a poet were a building e.e. would be anything but a brutalist bureaucratic block.

the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls, by E. E. Cummings

the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls
are unbeautiful and have comfortable minds
(also, with the church's protestant blessings
daughters,unscented shapeless spirited)
they believe in Christ and Longfellow, both dead,
are invariably interested in so many things—
at the present writing one still finds
delighted fingers knitting for the is it Poles?
perhaps. While permanent faces coyly bandy
scandal of Mrs. N and Professor D
.... the Cambridge ladies do not care, above
Cambridge if sometimes in its box of
sky lavender and cornerless, the
moon rattles like a fragment of angry candy


smudgeon said...

If e.e. cummings were a building, I'm sure I would like it but be absolutely unable to understand why, or explain to other people what it's all about.

Roddy said...

Cleaners work in buildings of a night. Either that or they are on a cost cutting exercise. Don't wear out the power switches by turning them on and off all the time.
Only middle management possibly has the answer.

Kris said...

Smudgeon, e.e. is a state of mind.

Roddy, middle management never, NEVER have the answer. Moreover, the answer is generally "get rid of middle management ASAP"...