Saturday, July 09, 2011

I will grieve alone

I suspect that no gardener lives here. King Street, Sandy Bay. July 2011.

James Wright is one of my favourite poets. I can't comment on whorehouses in Wheeling, West Virginia...

In Response to a Rumor That the Oldest Whorehouse in Wheeling, West Virginia Has Been Condemned, by James Wright

I will grieve alone,
As I strolled alone, years ago, down along
The Ohio shore.
I hid in the hobo jungle weeds
Upstream from the sewer main,
Pondering, gazing.

I saw, down river,
At Twenty-third and Water Streets
By the vinegar works,
The doors open in early evening.
Swinging their purses, the women
Poured down the long street to the river
And into the river.

I do not know how it was
They could drown every evening.
What time near dawn did they climb up the other shore,
Drying their wings?

For the river at Wheeling, West Virginia,
Has only two shores:
The one in hell, the other
In Bridgeport, Ohio.

And nobody would commit suicide, only
To find beyond death
Bridgeport, Ohio.


Roddy said...

Never judge a gardener by his array of native grasses and assortment of natural flora. This person may be cultivating anything that grows naturally.

Kris said...

It doesn't fit with the stately English country garden next door.