Monday, July 18, 2011

A particularly beautiful woman is a source of terror.

Almost invisible fish. Melbourne Aquarium, April 2011.


I forgot.

I did however attend a lovely birthday party this morning.


Roddy said...

Beautiful woman? Your mother? Terror? Never!
Birthday. This morning? I thought it was tomorrow. Tuesday.
Give the birthday boy hugs, kisses and squeals of delight from me.
Sorry I can't be there.

Roddy said...

Bottom left of your picture. It looks like an otter?, drowned cat or some such furry creature from the bottom of the fish tank.
Can you see it? Or can it see you?

Carola said...

Happy Birthday Henry!
I'm altough confused, thought it is tomorrow.

Sue said...

Hahahaha....I thought it was a monkey arm/hand, Roddy!

Kris said...

Roddy, moss on a rock?

Carola, it's Ez today. Henry will be five on October 23.

Sue, a sea monster?

Carola said...

For sure Ezra. I know. Don't know why I typed that.
Ez is one year and one week younger than Thomas.
Happy Birthday Ezra!

Kris said...

Happy birthday Thomas!

Roddy said...

Magnify it. It still looks like a drowned squirrel.