Monday, August 01, 2011

A journalist is a person who has mistaken their calling.

Mushrooms: the great all rounders. The Hastings Caves State Reserve, Southern Tasmania. June 2011.

All right. Four things that you wouldn't know:

1: Henry says "vamilla" instead of "vanilla".

2: Ezra is seeming addicted to skin-on-skin contact.

3: Jen refused to blow her nose in front of me for a significant period of time after our [ahem] courtship.

4: I don't like eating in front of other people.


Kris said...

No takers?

Roddy said...

OK. I'm back in the cyber world!
Eating? Don't come into my world then as we all eat in the same shit pit.
Vamilla? My little brother used to say chimley.
Nose blowing? Your mother still refuses to hold hands in public. Someone might get the wrong impression.
Skin on skin? Depends on how hot it is. It is a good feeling, don't you think?