Saturday, September 10, 2011

I worship your fleece which is the perfect triangle

10 Murray: going the way of the Tasmanian Tiger? Corner of Murray and Davey Streets, September 2011.

It's about time that I had a sexy poem...

The Ninth Secret Poem, Guillaume Apollinaire

I worship your fleece which is the perfect triangle
Of the Goddess
I am the lumberjack of the only virgin forest
O my Eldorado
I am the only fish in your voluptuous ocean
You my lovely Siren
I am the climber on your snowy mountains
O my whitest Alp
I am the heavenly archer at your beautiful mouth
O my darling quiver
I am the hauler of your midnight hair
O lovely ship on the canal of my kisses
And the lilies of your arms are beckoning me
O my summer garden
The fruits of your breast are ripening their honey for me
O my sweet-smelling orchard
And I am raising you O Madeleine O my beauty above the earth
Like the torch of all light


Kris said...

*Anybody here?*


*Anybody here?*

Roddy said...

Only we serial bloggers.
Let us bulldoze the past and move on.
Save the pulp?! What an eyesore!