Monday, October 31, 2011

A behaimeh hot a langen tsung un ken nisht reden; der mentsh hot a kurtseh un tor nisht reden.

See Ezra, this isn't your ordinary run-of-the-mill puddle. This here is what you call a Rannelagh puddle.

A 'Rannelagh puddle'?

Yeah, a Rannelagh puddle.

What makes a puddle a 'Rannelagh puddle'?



Plenty of Rannelagh.


Mrsupole said...

Um, is it just me or does that puddle look like it is causing a crack in the block wall. I think I am watching too much Holmes Inspection on HGTV. I have no other clue as to what that puddle is.

God bless.

Roddy said...

Ok. What is Rannelagh?
May I say thank you for a wonderful day. Henry, Ezra, Kris and Jen.
Tell Henry next time he visits we will go into the engineroom. And they can sit in the Captains chair again!

Kris said...

Mrsuople, most things in Rannelagh look like that.

Roddy, it is a place in the Huon Valley.