Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A flow of words is a sure sign of duplicity.

Wrest Point Casino. Sandy Bay, October 2011.

Wrest Point Casino was Australia's first legal casino – but by no means the first Australian gambling den – opening for business in Sandy Bay in February 1973.

Now I’m no wowser, square, straight, puritan roundhead; but I’m not a fan of casinos. The house always wins, and most of the punters really can’t afford to lose. If you could somehow ensure that losses only cost the mug punter I might not mind so much, but they don’t. They affect their partners, their kids and eventually you and me and everyone we know.


Roddy said...

Nineteen seventy three and your mother and I were turned away because I was not wearing a tie.
The gentleman assured me that he could provide one as I turned away.
I didn't go in then and I have not set foot in any casinos as a matter of principle.
My family have gotten my money ever since.
Thank you casino!

Kris said...

You didn't miss much.