Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The more one judges, the less one loves.

I'm on an island. Intersection of Grosvenor and York Streets, Dynnyrne. October 2011.

I want to eat a hare.

I could cope with a rabbit.

I won't eat a guinea pig.

Rats are off limits.


Roddy said...

Your local butcher may well stock rabbit. Hare I'm not too sure of. Guinea Pig and Rat I doubt.
We are still in Brisbane. It seems our fuel was off spec and they had to start again. About midday Wednesday I am told. Mackay and Gladstone and then Tassie.

Kris said...

They have got some rabbits in at the moment. I'm thinking of a nice rabbit stew!

Roddy said...

Throw plenty of onions and garlic in. The last rabbit I ate had no taste. Or at least not like the ones when we caught them ourselves as kids.
I think the last one was farmed rabbit. No natural grasses etc.
I had a rather nice Ox tail tonight.