Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh, what a tangled web do parents weave when they think that their children are naive.

Without one of those track dolly thingamajigs, I had to rely on good old fashioned feet running running running to get the shot...


Roddy said...

Dolly thingamajig! Wasn't she a sheep?
Perhaps you need some rolly rolly thingamajigs for your feet. You at least have the vibration doover down pat.
Countdown to the big boys birthday. I certainly wish I was going to be there. At least your mum will make it.

Kris said...

You blew Ezra's party off and now Henry's!


Roddy said...

Unfortunately in my line of work the job comes before my social life.
It's still a bit early however if I can't get a birthday message out on the day wish the big boy all of my love. And embarrass him just like I would if I were there.
Twentieth in Gladstone, twenty-second in Mackay and then two days back to Brisbane. Only fourteen and a half thousand tonne in each port. Should be in and out in the one day.
Off to Hobart on the twenty-fourth. Five days steaming though. Arrive on the twenty-ninth.
Will make contact as we get closer.