Thursday, October 27, 2011

To those who have exhausted politics, nothing remains but abstract thought.

Seen better says. The Derwent Estuary, as seen from Errol Flynn Reserve. October 2011.

Theme Thursday again, and far be it from me to try and give you some kind of cheap THRILL by penning a brief Drabble inspired by the above tired boat.

But I shall.

He loved that boat like he loved his wife. In many ways she resembled the little runabout: THRILLing to begin with; developing into a sturdy and dependable relationship of shared joy. And it was.

Eventually his eye was drawn to bigger, flashier models. Faster, sleeker, smoother and seemingly capable of giving him whole new range of experiences. She knew it too.

It wasn’t quite resentment and it wasn’t quite resignation. There was anger. Nobody likes being taken for granted, especially after giving your all for so long. So early one evening, amidst a gentle chop, over the side he went.


Mrsupole said...

LOL, that was a cheap thrill that you penned. And such a true one at that. As everything ages better days are left behind. I see it each time I look in a mirror. Oh and the horror of looking into a magnifying mirror. Who invented such a terrible thing?

I can imagine when that boat was new that it must have been amazing to look at and take a ride on. Maybe someone will restore it to it's former glory. It would be nice if we could be restored and then maybe he would not have had to go over the side. But he deserved it.

Thanks again for joining in on Theme Thursday.

God bless.

Roddy said...

You should see the boats lining the Brisbane river. In a lot worse condition than these.
One or two, million dollar yachts too though.

Tom said...

The Thrill is gone...

Betsy said...

hahaha...oh my. :) I let out on "Ooop!" at the end. Very clever.

Nanka said...

I hate to throw old things out and always keep them hoping to resurrect them someday!! Old is like gold, its worth increases with age!!

The Silver Fox said...

The temptation is often there to "go over the side." Especially because "Nobody likes being taken for granted, especially after giving your all for so long," as you said so eloquently.

Great post!

Kris said...

Mrsupole, cheap thrills are the best!

Roddy, they must be in it for the depreciation.

Tom, well and truly.

Betsy, you must feel for him.

Nanka, unless it is food.

The Silver Fox, everything is disposable these days!