Saturday, November 05, 2011

He worked too hard to read books.

Bleak times. Jetty as seen from Errol Flynn Reserve, Sandy Bay. October 2011.

James Wright is one of my favourite poets. Here is one of his poems.

Youth, James Wright

Strange bird,
His song remains secret.
He worked too hard to read books.
He never heard how Sherwood Anderson
Got out of it, and fled to Chicago, furious to free himself
From his hatred of factories.
My father toiled fifty years
At Hazel-Atlas Glass,
Caught among girders that smash the kneecaps
Of dumb honyaks.
Did he shudder with hatred in the cold shadow of grease?
Maybe. But my brother and I do know
He came home as quiet as the evening.

He will be getting dark, soon,
And loom through new snow.
I know his ghost will drift home
To the Ohio River, and sit down, alone,
Whittling a root.
He will say nothing.
The waters flow past, older, younger
Than he is, or I am.


Roddy said...

No dorsal fins that I can see.

Kris said...

They were there lurking.

Roddy said...

That is the scary part. If you see them then you are usually lunch.
Unless of course you are standing on the jetty.

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