Saturday, January 07, 2012

Gauguin sniffed / a sponge cake’s desiccated / coconut and sighed

All downhill from here. Hobart Rivulet, Sandy Bay. January 2012.

At what point do the constant stream of birthday parties stop for the little 'uns?

LAST SUPPER, Graham Burchell

Botticelli grinned
with egg tempera congealed
at the hinge of his lips

Velasquez licked
shine from an aubergine blackened
in the shadows

Vermeer picked
pearls from a jar labelled
‘silverskin onions’

Turner stirred
through the steam mist risen
above Venetian chicken soup

Monet decorated
a blue plate with sliced
cucumber and radishes

Gauguin sniffed
a sponge cake’s desiccated
coconut and sighed

Van Gogh spat
a gristle morsel
at a swirl of Provençal sauce

Cézanne reached
for the fruit bowl but dithered
between apple and pear

Dali tweaked
moustache and swallowed
a sheep’s eye with relish

Bacon tore
at turkey leg
his neck twisted in hidden fury

Pollock drizzled
ranch dressing
about tossed Waldorf salad

while Freud spooned
one more pickled walnut
to an off-white napkin next

to the last painter unknown
a child still that sobbed
over eggy soldiers


Sue said...

T'is just the beginning...........

Sue said...
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Sue said...

I accidentally posted the same thing twice (not sure how I managed that....???) so hence, the deleted post!