Saturday, January 28, 2012

hoist / your dark scribbled flags / but take / my hand

What's going on? Derwent Avenue, Lindisfarne. January 2012.

Happy birthday Jen!

You don't look a day over [please insert most appropriate age here]!

Implosions, Adrienne Rich

The world's
not wanton
only wild and wavering

I wanted to choose words that even you
would have to be changed by

Take the word
of my pulse, loving and ordinary
Send out your signals, hoist
your dark scribbled flags
but take
my hand

All wars are useless to the dead

My hands are knotted in the rope
and I cannot sound the bell

My hands are frozen to the switch
and I cannot throw it

The foot is in the wheel

When it's finished and we're lying
in a stubble of blistered flowers
eyes gaping, mouths staring
dusted with crushed arterial blues

I'll have done nothing
even for you?


Sue said...

Indeed...happy birthday, Jen!
You look exactly the right age!
Love and hugs from me. xoxox

Roddy said...

Yes! Happy Birthday Jen.
Sorry for the late wishes. We were out of range.