Sunday, January 22, 2012

The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well.

The blue flower. Royal Botanical Gardens, Hobart. October 2011.

Sunday Top Five?

Okay, and easy one: Five Things That Small Children Are Extremely Good At.

  • Noise. My oh my are they good at making noise...

  • Whining. There are days where any topic becomes subject to the whine. Henry is a master of whining. He can even whine a "thank you".

  • Stickiness. My theory is that it must seep through the pores. Honestly, you can not have any sugar in the house, but let them loose on your computer and you can be guaranteed of stickiness.

  • Mess. Three books and a ball. A three year old can some make three books and a ball look like Beruit circa 1983.

  • Fussiness. Have you ever been told that your mash potatoes are "too spicy"? Ihave. Yes, potatoes, a pinch of salt and knob of butter is "too spicy". Hell, at times I've been told that a glass of plain milk is "too spicy".

    MurciaDailyPhoto said...

    Children can really exasperate.My top five about yours:
    - Noise. When my 2 children are sleeping, I have to lower the volume on the TV, because it is too high, the noise they made.
    - Whining. The eldest, who is 4 years, let us not sleep one night in a row until he was 2 years. The youngest of 14 months, takes the same way.
    - Stickiness. I think my toddler drink at least 5 liters of water, because I don't understand the amount of drool coming out of his mouth.
    - Mess. Luckily, they tidy up after play, but meanwhile, looks like a battlefield.
    - Fussiness. With older, I it is the same.

    Roddy said...

    I like my blue irises when they come into flower.
    Children are children and one day they may have their own, then they will know what you went through.
    Having five brothers and sisters I had an insight to the dramas of childhood.
    Accept it for what it is as it will soon pass.
    Then it becomes fond memories.
    I know!

    Sue said...

    Roddy dearest...if you remember correctly, you, Ian and I were was only the last three who were boors!
    Kris...he does speak the truth with the rest. It does pass. Not as quickly as you would like at times...but it does pass. And you will remember it with more fondness than you may feel now!

    Kris said...

    MDP, sounds familiar. We don't even bother with the TV when they are asleep. Too tired!

    Roddy, quite.

    Sue, are you suggesting that I eat them?

    Sue said...

    They are quite filling if you smother them in jam.