Sunday, May 27, 2012

Experience teaches only the teachable.

Evil magpie. Our front yard. East Derwent Highway, Geilston Bay. December 2011.

Sunday Top Five again and today I venture somewhat into a self help territory: The Top Five Things That My Life Is Far Too Short For Me To Tolerate!

  1. People who bring me down. There are an awful lot of people in the world, so I don’t really understand people who waste their time with poisonous people. Relationships should be enjoyable, not painful. Find people who you get on with, who entertain you, not drag you down.
  2. A career that I hate. There are limits to this, as you have to keep paying the bills. Nevertheless, if the opportunity arises, I don’t see the point on settling on a job I’m not keen on. Keep looking, that’s what I’m doing!
  3. Unnecessary miscommunication. I can’t apologise for this one. I say what I mean and mean what you say. If we’re conversing, please speak clearly and frankly. Ask questions. Clarify things until you understand them. Life is too short for games.
  4. Unhealthy habits. There is some control here. In many respects, health is in your hands. Eat right, exercise and avoid doing things that are no good for you. This one is a simple one.
  5. Debt. Always live slightly below your means. You don’t have to buy stuff you don’t need. Save for the big purchases when they are truly necessary. Have an idea of your budget and stick to it.

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Kris said...

I should listen to myself.