Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.

Circle and lines. East Derwent Highway, Lindisfarne. April 2012.

Another Tuesday Q and A courtesy of Sunday Stealing. It's a bit of a shake-up this week, less 'Q and A' and more 'complete the sentence' really. Thus, I present to you The Semi Charmed Meme, Part One

1. My uncle once: got my father imprisoned for the weekend.

2. Never in my life: have I insincerely professed love.

3. When I was five: I am sure that I was naughtier than my boy Henry.

4. High School was: not something that enjoyed in the slightest.

5. I will never forget: that the important things in life cannot be bought and sold.

6. I once met: someone with an odious personality. It didn’t end well.

7. There’s this girl I know who: must have the patience of a saint.

8. Once, at a bar: I took a punt and then everything in my life changed.

9. By noon, I’m usually: ready for either a) my run; or b) a nap.

10. Last night: was like most other nights.

11. If only I had: been a little less risk-averse.

12. Next time I go to church: will be the first time that I ever go to church!

13. Jonathan Frid: is not a name that I am familiar with.

14. What worries me most: are things that I have no control on whatsoever.

15. When I turn my head left, I see: a beautiful full sun perched above a gum tree.

16. When I turn my head right, I see: a shaded pot plant.

17. You know I’m lying when: I tell you that I am indeed interested in your view on politics.

18. What I miss most about the 80s: are the choices that I didn’t make.

19. If I was a character in Shakespeare, I’d be: naughty Iago.

20. By this time next year: I hope to be somewhere different than I am today.


Mrsupole said...

Ditto to #14, but if we could control everything then wouldn't we be like a God. Lots of sentence ending there. Enjoyed it.

God bless.

Kris said...

We are all gods now...