Sunday, June 10, 2012

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

A hole in the fence. Clarke Avenue, Battery Point. May 2012.

Sunday Top Five day and this morning another reminder of the joys of children! Dear Little Ezra® came in to our bedroom this morning with some fanfare, announcing that it was his intention to vomit right there and then. Cue lots of frantic rushing about to ferry said child to toilet, get a hold of a large bowl for any other spillage and so on. I will confess to being slightly sceptical about the validity of the initial claim (this is my nature), I did set about addressing the strict list of demands advanced by my youngest son (while he convalesced in bed, (my bed, with my wife and my electric blanket on).

Anyway, this list of demands (i.e. breakfast) is today's list: Five Things That Ezra Requested (And Ate) For Breakfast, Thus Really Establishing The Fact That He Is Not - Contrary To His Claims Otherwise - In Fact Sick!

  1. A croissant(hot)

  2. A large bowl of Coco Pops 'Chex' (with milk)

  3. A large bowl of Weet Bix Fruity Bites (with milk)

  4. Chocolate milk

  5. A strawberry

I don't know about you, but when I am feeling sick - particularly if I want to vomit - the last thing that I am after is a large breakfast, particularly any involving Coco Pops.


Kris said...

All ate.

Sue said...

Huh? No apple cut into FIVE pieces. In a Yo Gabba Gabba Bowl. Arranged like a flower. NOW.???????

Kris said...

He got his apple.