Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Contrariwise, if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't. That's logic.

Ezra took this. Home, June 2012.

Another Q and A which means another lot stolen from Sunday Stealing. This week, The Imaginary Meme, Part Three!

41. Growing up, who was the easier mark: Mum or Dad?
It really depended on the score. If pushed I’d have to say my mother because you could always get her to feel guilty about denying you something. My father was less easily coerced.

42. What is the stupidest pet that you ever saw?
I have always found distasteful the pet that is kept as a pose. I remember a fellow who would walk around with a duck on a leash. He was an ‘artist’ (allegedly).

43. Tell us about a band whose every CD is a “must have”.
That would be Wilco.

44. Were you surprised when Jim Parsons came out?
[Just Googled Jim Parsons.] Well, he has a strong background in the theatre and seems to have rather thin lips, so I probably would not have surprised had I known who he was.

45. Have you ever shoplifted?
Never. Never would either.

46. We currently have a person who plays both this meme and Saturday 9 who signs in to Mr. Linky every week. Yet, if you click on that link, you are told that only “members” can read the blog. Why do you think that person even bothers to sign in or for that matter, do the meme? (Don't misunderstand, we have no rules and we aren't angry. But it is damn peculiar, no?)
That is very odd. I can only probably assume that they are trying to be ‘polite’, but forget that inviting guests along only to forget the barbed wire fence around your place is probably a little rude.

47. Have you ever driven a Ferrari?
No. I’ve no desire too either.

48. What do you call those little plastic things on the ends of shoelaces?
They are called ‘aglets’. Everybody knows that!

49. Have you ever walked more than a mile?
I walk far more than a mile every single day. On the average day, I would walk five miles. Usually it is a bit more.

50. Do you believe in magic?

51. Have you ever been arrested?
Indeed I have. Probably not my finest moment.

52. Have you ever skinny dipped?
Absolutely. There is nothing like it.

53. Explain what you think about hippies.
It depends on the type of hippy. They range from the fair enough to the intensely bloody annoying. I can tolerate the fair enough ones. The annoying, less so.

54. New York or California?

55. Have you ever been dumped?
Surprisingly not.

56. What are you wearing right now?
Sneakers, jeans and a long sleeve shirt.

57. John Edwards had a mistrial. How do you think he conducted himself after the verdict?
I couldn’t care less. I suspect that I wouldn’t even care if I lived in the US.

58. Did you watch the series finale of House?
I can’t get past the atrocious accent. I’ve only ever seen ads for House.

59. You may need to go back a long way if you are old like Harriet. Who was the last person who asked you out? (Or that asked you out. Same dumb question either way.)
Surprisingly it was not my wife. Back when I was doing a lot of teaching at the university I had a very assertive student ask me out a number of times. She (seemingly) was unperturbed by the fact that I was married.

60. Do you have any collections?
Only collections of resentments and animosities.


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