Thursday, July 12, 2012

His whole aspect was that of a man who has been unexpectedly struck by lightning.

Flame trees? Royal Botanical Gardens, Hobart. June 2012.

Theme Thursday again and with the mood I have been in of late I thought that I'd hard pressed with this week's theme of INSPIRING THINGS.

However, after putting a little bit of thought to it, I have indeed been reminded me that there are indeed some INSPIRING THINGS within my current purview:

  • David Ireland's The Glass Canoe. After feeling the guilts for reading so little Australian literature, I'm hailing this 1976 book as a lost Australian classic. Seriously, this is a magnificent snapshot of an 'Australia' that I know, even if the blokes within don't make the cut for our glossy, cosmopolitan view of ourselves as a nation.

  • Henry's fire. I love my Henry very much, but I've always had a spot of concern with his potential fragility. He's a lovely bloke, but I wouldn't want him to ever not have the confidence to stick up for himself. In this P.C. world of ours the 'gut instinct' advice of "give any bugger giving you trouble a thump" is not welcome or wise. That said, "standing your ground and saying 'no' to wrong-doers" should be a rule of thumb we all apply. But how would Hank respond? After last week's Auskick scuffle (where Henry stood up for a little bloke who was being roughed up by two much bigger blokes) and yesterday's solid effort at righting the wrong of a gutless sucker hit of Ez (from behind no less), young Henry is starting to look a little like Batman!

  • Nice people. There are still nice people about. Even though the not-so-nice can sometimes dominate, I need to remind myself that there remain a few fundamentally decent human beings about.


Roddy said...

Shades of Autumn.
Fall in the Northern hemisphere.

Kris said...

Early Winter, actually.

Brian Miller said...

batman is not a bad one to look like...unless it is after the back breaking....but you do have to stand up at times....good on him for that...

Joyce Lansky said...

We all need to remember the nice people and try to emulate them. I love the photo.

Mrsupole said...

Hi Kris,

I really do like the picture, it's pretty cool to see a winter picture during the summer with all the heat we are experiencing right now in the US. I think you should take Henry to a karate class where he can learn how to be tough but also how to protect himself without hurting other people and this way he can fight the bullies. And hopefully the bullies will leave him alone because they only prey on the weak and defenseless. But as long as Henry knows how to protect himself, he will also be able to help the younger kids.

It sounds like you are still very busy, I hope your schedule frees up a little bit to where you get some downtime and can play more with the boys.

Thanks for playing this weeks theme Thursday.

God bless.

Grace said...

I like the photo of the flaming tree ~

I also need reminders that there are nice people ~ They are just quiet though ~

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Oh yes! Especially the nice people!

Kris said...

Thanks all!