Thursday, August 30, 2012

If we knew each other's secrets, what comforts we should find.

I would have added a question mark. Sandy Bay Road, Sandy Bay. July 2012.

Theme Thursday?

"It's your EYES", he used to say. He said it a lot.

"I love your EYES."

"You have the most beautiful EYES."

"Your EYES are deep whirlpools of adorableness."

He might have lacked a good thesaurus, but he always seemed sincere.

However, his fixation on her EYES always worried her. Even during their most intimate moments, he would start and finish with them. He would start by kissing them, gaze intently at them right throughout the act and usually returned to them with soft and tender lips before rolling over into a deep sleep.

To be sure, he enjoyed the delicate cleft underneath her left buttock. He relished the suppleness of her pert yet full breasts. And yes, it was not unusual for him to dwell on the gentle curve of her waist or lightly tongue her right earlobe.

Yet is was always about the EYES. Even as he left, after he carefully packed away his collection of rare and valuable cactuses, he stressed - almost by way of apology - that "It's your EYES I'll miss most".

Because she loved him, and against all sense and good reason she still loved him, she could not bear to see him unhappy. So, with no little effort and with the assistance of a teaspoon from her mother's prized Sheffield plate silver service set and a pre-postmarked package, she set about giving him what he wanted most.


Mary said...

Ha! What a manipulator he was (with his prize cacti), and she fell right into it.

CJ said...

Beautiful ---and creepy. Loved it.

joanne said...

love can make us do strange things, but this was one of the sickest! Loved it!

Ritva said...

Well, Van Gogh gave his ear, didn't he! I absolutely loved this and at the end almost fainted with joy to find such a surprising finish. :)

Mrsupole said...

Oh sometimes you are so demented and I still cannot stop laughing at this. But then I was hoping that she took his eyes out so that they could stay with her and keep looking at her eyes. Maybe I am more demented then you. Maybe one week I should use the theme "breasts" and see what everyone comes up with, well what you come up with.

I think your boys have some pretty beautiful eyes and someday some female will be saying all those things to them, at least the ones about the eyes.

God bless.

She Writes said...

Okay, I read this as sad until those final lines. Eeek!

Anonymous said...

Yikes ... haunting finish.
Visiting from Theme Thursday - Windows to my Soul

Anonymous said...

Twisted! I love it! Creepy and eerily sad and beautiful!

Dave King said...

Crikey! Beautiful in a horrific kind of way. Haunting - as eyes often are.

Dulcina said...

I thought I was reading Poe's Black Cat.
Love is blind so... no eyes at the end!

Kris said...

Thanks all. I had the finish, I just needed to figure out the rest.