Sunday, September 02, 2012

The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work.

Boats on the Derwent. Just off Tranmere, as seen from Sandy Bay. August 2012.

Father's Day? Sunday Top Five?

I have an idea!

My Top Five Interesting Dads In The Animal Kingdom!

  • Lions. Greedy and lazy buggers, lion fathers. They occupy most of their time lying about in the shade, waiting for one of their wives to bring home dinner. Female lions do pretty much all of the hunting and almost all of the parenting. Of course, this bugger likes to eat first, and is happy enough in lean seasons to let everyone else starve to death rather than go without a feed...

  • Emperor Penguins. You probably already know this, but this dedicated dad holds his missus's eggs on the top of his feet, covering them with his belly for two months in the frigid Antarctic... without eating! Where is is partner? That's rights, she's off shagging and eating!

  • Grizzly Bears. These bears like their own space, they really do. They also like to eat. A lot. Which means that if mamma bear doesn't get those baby bears out of the way quick smart, papa bear will eat them. Yum.

  • Ostriches. The blokes are active dads. This begins with eggs. Mum sits on them during the day, dad at night. When they're born he stands lookout and chases any predators away. When it's learning time, he does most of the teaching. Well done them!

  • People. There are plenty of good ones. Plenty of shockers. Some in between. Then there are those never around.Lift your game people. You're looking more like lions and being outshone by penguins and ostriches.


smudgeon said...

An excellent list as always, Kris.

I particularly agree with your comments on boy lions (c'mon guys, make an effort!), and people (ditto).

Hope you're having a swell father's day, Mr McCracken.

Kris said...

I recieved the greatest gift on Father's Day from the boys: a cold!