Sunday, October 07, 2012

Existence is not only temporary, it's pointless!

Hobart in the Spring. King Street, Sandy Bay. September 2012.

This Sunday, my Top Five celebrates the fact that we have shifted our clocks! Yes, it is My Top Five Things That I Like Best About The Shift To Daylight Saving Time!

  1. It makes the walk home from work far more pleasant.

  2. It means that my usual wake up time of 4:30 am is now the [slightly] more acceptable 5:30 am!

  3. It saves on lightbulbs!

  4. It broadens the scope of my photography (especially when you're stuck at work for the bulk of the day.

  5. It supports my thesis that Western Australians and Queenslanders are simpleminded and needlessly antithetical.


Sue said...

It's not that I mind daylight savings but rather the timing of the start of it in Victoria. It comes after two weeks of school holidays when the darlings have gotten into the bad habit of sleeping late and getting up at ridiculous times. This always causes problems when they come back to school half asleep and/or late for the first few days and/or week. It makes more sense to bring it in at the start of the holidays so they adjust to losing that hour in the holidays as well as having an extra hour of light through the hols to enjoy. Whatever...I just think that makes more sense for us here in Vic. Apart from that, I like daylight savings too. Western Australians and Queenslanders just don't like the fact that the extra daylight fades their curtains!!! hahahahahaha

Annie said... need to come live in Queensland for a while..before you widely/wildly generalize.

Daylight saving may make perfect sense down south, but we already have and live our own daylight saving here. It is already light at 4.30am if anyone wishes to arise and use the daylight. A lot of us actually do. It is a wonderful time of day, cool and quiet.
I fail to see why arbitrarily shifting the hands on a clock makes it any better for anyone. Just makes grumpy people who don't want to get out of bed early, even grumpier by making them do so!

From a quiet fan of your blog. Very interesting.

Enjoy your daylight savings while you may!

Kris said...

Moan moan moan! ;D

Peter Beattie said that DS would cause skin cancer. Last time I looked, it doesn't actually add sunshine onto the day...