Thursday, October 25, 2012

Love is being stupid together.

There's no mystery. Kirksway Place, Sandy Bay/ Battery Point/Hobart border. October 2012.

Theme Thursday already and today we are talking CEMETERIES. CEMETERIES, you say? CEMETERIES.

A place where the dead are buried. Especially a place that is not attached to a church.


There must be a few of those place around.


In Spring.



Some people like CEMETERIES.

Some people like being whipped while jack russell terriers lick whipped cream from their pierced nipples.

It takes all sorts.


Susan said...

Very expressive.

For me the visit is museum-like
with a touch of church/temple,
and even with stained glass
if the sky is right.

joanne said...

omg...I write about loving cemeteries in my post...It does take all kinds!

Nimue said...

Interesting presentation and collection :)

Mrsupole said...

Hi Kris,

And here I am writing about how my house has turned into a type of Cemetery. I guess it does take all kinds. LOL I would much rather visit a cemetery than have a pierced nipple. Oh the germs the dog would get into the piercing, ugh. You always make me laugh with what you write.

Happy theme Thursday and Happy Halloween for the boys. Hope you all have fun and a great weekend.

God bless.

Roddy said...

You know my worn out old joke.
Cemetary, the dead centre of any town.

Meri said...

Love your image.

Kris said...

Thanks all!