Thursday, January 24, 2013

In the misfortunes of our best friends we always find something not altogether displeasing to us.

Conspiracies abound. The Intercity Cycleway, just south of the Tasman Bridge. December 2012.

Theme Thursday today has me musing on the tendency for people to look for the RHYTHM of things. The currents that explain life. They find cadences, intervals and melodies in way that things work (or don't work).

Ultimately, in this disordered world I'm never ceased to be surprised by the ceaseless desire that many have for find order, explanations or RHYTHM to the flows of history and events. To be sure, it's usually some combination of a profound lack of intelligence or a missing reflective capacity to understand or interpret things. Or indeed it can be the (more dangerous, to my mind) product of both misguided and excessive educations.

It's the only explanation that I have for the common feature of conspiracy theories, shadowy explanations or totalising, panoptic ideological theories behind the (quite simple really) messed up and confused nature of reality.

Basically, my philosophy is that you're ever faced with a conspiracy and a fuck up, back the fuck up every time. People by and large find organising a birthday party or wedding too difficult, and governments rarely manage to pull off the most simple policy without a whole host of mistakes. Why would anyone have any confidence that we could master an entire shadow world of intriguing RHYTHM and melody without somebody messing up?


That corgi :) said...

Interesting thoughts about conspiracy theories. I think people sometimes feel they have to have an explanation for what happened even though an explanation may never be found so its easy to lump it into a category of conspiracy or whatnot. Great interpretation of rhythm!


joanne said...

interesting viewpoint, and unique direction with this prompt...

Joyce Lansky said...

Hmm. My daughter is getting a degree in Event Management. Ie., How to throw a great party. Seems like there just might be a demand for her once she graduates.

Lady In Read said...

definitely a unique viewpoint of rhythm..

Mrsupole said...

Hi Kris,

It does seem like there is supposed to be a conspiracy for everything bad that happens. Not sure why there is not one for everything good that happens. And the same conspiracy can repeat throughout history. Seems to me that it is just a group of bad people or just one bad person who does it and wow there is this conspiracy and that conspiracy as to why it was done. It is like you just want to tell the idiots, uh duh, it was a group of bad men who did a bad thing, get over it.

I just think they want this very intricate, long planned conspiracy to be the cause so that they can write a book and make some money. It is always about the money. Money is the rhythm that ruins men, women, and governments, along with the greed to get the money.

Look at us over here. You know who said he would not raise taxes on those making under a certain amount and the butthole raised taxes on just about everyone. And when his health care comes and the people have to pay even more then maybe they will wake up. Politicians love to raise taxes and take as much of our money as we are stupid enough to give them and spend it somewhere. I guess when there are more on the dole then there are workers to support them then we will be really screwed. We are headed down the path to Greekdom and we can only pray they find an answer so that we will know what to do. Tar and feather the politicians, that would be a good start. Yup, conspiracies everywhere.

Happy TT, and hope your weekend is full of fun.

God bless.

Susan said...

Good points. I am on the fence about conspiracy theory, though I tend to believe that only the idle rich--who, yes, probably worked to get where they are--have the time and money to engineer complex behind-the-scenes manipulations.

Kris McCracken said...

Thanks all. I suspect that there is a conspiracy behind my time shortages of late!