Thursday, March 07, 2013

I have not killed anyone. They will not let me.

The view from the back door. Geilston Bay. March 2013.

Theme Thursday and the SHAPES that come to mind all, for some reason, look like flames.

It gets a little warmer. Geilston Bay. March 2013.

Yes, SHAPES like that above.

That was the view from the backyard yesterday afternoon. Getting in the washing while watching the flames whipping up behind the house is an interesting thing.

Night-time. Geilston Bay. March 2013.


Dina said...

Oi! Even more scary when the photos are big.
So what happened after that??

Mrsupole said...

Each year when we have the fires it is always a scary thing. We always know they are coming just not sure where they will be.

I hope you are all well and safe and they have put out the fires. I have seen on the news where in some areas they have been very bad.

And even though I know you would like to harm the firebugs to do so would bring you down to their level. Hopefully they will be caught and justice served.

Happy TT and may you have a safe weekend with your family. The beach sounds like a nice place to visit.

God bless.

gsb said...

assume you are still in good shape. great pics of a bad event. the clouds in the first one are awesome

tony said...

Very Scary & Elemental.Brilliant Photos.

Emma Major said...

scary sights

Kris McCracken said...

Thanks all. My flu has cleared up and the rain came to put out the fire!