Thursday, March 28, 2013

Only the madman is absolutely sure.

Where are you headed? Denison Beach, Tasmania's East Coast. January 2013.

It is Theme Thursday and there seems to be some complexity about the spelling of 'COMPLEXITY'S'. It would seem to me that complexity would only become COMPLEXITY'S in the context of the marking of possessive case (i.e. "for COMPLEXITY'S sake, the apostrophe can be useful".)

If we're not talking about the possessive, and purely the plural, 'ies' comes into play (i.e. "there are many complexities in the world of grammar"). Perhaps the use of the possessive is deliberate, and I have a cheek to even raise it.

In which case, I apologise.

Carry on!


MurciaDailyPhoto said...

The people who invented the grammar (in any language)just wanted to get complicated the language. I've said (Dixit).

Mrsupole said...

Hi Kris,

It really is such a complex world out there with so many complexities to confuse us as to which of the complexity's of life should be used.

So it started out as "complex" then went to "complexities" and the prompt ended up being "complexity's" because that seemed to be the most confusing of the three of them. So actually one can use any of those three or all three or none of them. LOL because you could just use comp in there too, well since it is just a prompt and half the time some people never use the actual prompt but due to the complexities of that weeks prompt they just use the idea which is what makes everything so wonderful. Everyone gets to do their own thing but still be cohesive as a group.

Happy TT and hope you have a complex free weekend relaxing with the family and having fun.

God bless.

Ann ODyne said...

oh I am so glad I trailed here from T.Zimnochs
(put the ' wherever you like) Everton.blogspot to find this wonderful image of a simple beetle facing a complexity.

happy Easter

gsb said...

Always nice to learn something and I had never even thought of the spelling...I went direct to "ies" without even realizing it. The beetle picture is great and I enjoyed the bush approach to the isssue

mindlovemisery said...

Grammar has never been my strong point. I am living in Sweden now attempting to learn Swedish but they have grammatical rules like "If it sounds right" well if you don't speak the language then nothing really does sound right lol

Kris McCracken said...

Thanks all!