Friday, June 28, 2013

I have the conviction that excessive literary production is a social offence.

Mushrooms, they're great all-rounders! Lake Dobson, Mount Field National Park. April 2013.

The Whispering Muse, Sjón: A lovely blend of imagery and allusion that draws heavily on the seafaring myths of various nations. At the end of the book, narrator responds to the assertion that he has changed since returning from the voyage recounted in the book with another question: "What is the point of travelling if not to broaden your mind?" An odd little lyrical beauty, I really liked it very much. B+.

Modern British Posters: Art, Design and Communication, Paul Rennie: essentially a history of the modern British poster from 1915 to 1970. Even moreso, it serves as a decent history of British society, culture, politics and the economy in that period. C+.

St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves, Karen Russell: This collection of short stories is at times creative, imaginative and fun. However, all too frequently, the stories simply end, without resolution. Now that's an acceptable literary device, but after a book full of them, you are tempted to assume that Russell just doesn't know how to end a story. C-.

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